The Ferrari Graveyard from Japan's $4 Million Supercar Pileup


True, it's been close to two months since the world's most expensive car pileup took place in Japan destroying more than two dozen premium models including eight Ferraris and a Lamborghini with an estimated combined cost of US$4 million, but one of our readers pointed us this to video which we hadn’t seen before.

The clip shows some of the supercars involved in the accident including the white Ferrari Testarossa and several F360s at a parking lot somewhere in Japan. Apparently, this is where the cars were taken to after the mishap.

A whole lot of crumpled metal follows in the video below.

Tip of the hat to Ryo!



Hajime Kishi said... »February 04, 2012

dont forget the fiat 500 and the prius that was involved.

kachuks said... »February 04, 2012

The Testarossa was my favorite car when I was a kid.  Sonny Crockett was the coolest guy on earth.  Even if he didn't wear socks in 90% Miami humidity.

I couldn't even bear to watch the vid. 

Jay911 said... »February 04, 2012

boys... and their....

stallion999 said... »February 04, 2012

I see Arabic writing on the windshield of the black F360 ??!!

Jasenj_no1 said... »February 06, 2012

Awesome Post - Real Shame & what a waste of art in motion - now art in bits!!

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