Hyundai Accent Driver is Too Fast, Too Furious for his Own Good


It's cold, it's bumpy and there's a combination of ice and snow on the road. Moreover, you're not exactly driving the epitome of handling (it's hard to tell from the video, but it looks like an older generation Hyundai Accent sedan – if we're wrong, drop us a note via the comments section and we'll make a correction).

Do we really need to tell you what's going to happen next? Make the move past the jump to check out the video.



Timo said... »February 17, 2012

Hyundai Accident?! Looks more like a Daewoo Lanos ;)

Alex said... »February 17, 2012

No,its not lanos, its Hyundai Accent sedan, second generation (LC) is produced at the plant Tagaz, Russia. Just for different countries, the car had a different design

Steve said... »February 17, 2012

who cares....dumbass got what dumbass deserved

JJ said... »February 17, 2012

Why are people so stupid?

They really need to develop a way to detect this before birth.

Sazhnya said... »February 17, 2012

Object - the bear. Mission - a trip for vodka. Status - the job failed.

Hanna Hazboun said... »February 18, 2012

ESP ABS would have saved that idiot...

Anchorman said... »February 18, 2012

OMG! didn't expect to see here Saratov! ) 

aoaccd said... »February 18, 2012

But the law is --Keep right except when passing--.  

If that wagon holding up the LEFT lane, had only chosen to keep right as he should have done all along, the Hyundai/Daewoo would have still gone faster, but by a little bit.  Not have to be so reckless trying to get around this ASSHOLE in the left lane!  

Keep Right EXCEPT When Passing...

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