Mazda Takeri Concept to Make European Debut in Geneva – New Mega Gallery with 82 Photos


We saw the new Mazda Takeri concept for the first time at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon last December and now the mid-size sedan will be making its European debut at at next month’s Geneva International Motor Show.

What's special about the Takeri is that it isn't one of those fantasy concept models that will go away after hitting the motor show scene as it previews the styling of the next Mazda6 range, expected in 2013.

The Takeri is the latest Mazda concept to adopt the Japanese firm's "KODO – Soul of Motion’ design theme after the production CX-5 SUV and the Shinari sports sedan study showcased at Geneva last year.

Under its swooping lines, the 4,850mm-long Takeri makes full use of Mazda's much tooted SkyActiv Technology, which aims to reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions while retaining a sporty drive through a suite of powertrain, chassis and body technologies.

The study is fitted with Mazda's new SKYACTIV-D 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine (available with 150PS and 175PS) with a fuel-saving ‘i-stop’ system and six-speed SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission.

In addition, the Takeri is the first Mazda car to be equipped with the firm's i-ELOOP technology, short for “Intelligent Energy Loop", which is a unique regenerative braking system that converts kinetic energy to electricity during deceleration and stores it in an electric double-layer capacitor. The power is used to run the vehicle’s electric components, thus reducing the load on the engine and increasing fuel economy by up to 10 percent, according to Mazda.




Cable said... »February 13, 2012

I love this car so much, I really want one.

Sabman said... »February 13, 2012

It looks awesome, shame the production model wont have those 3d style lights.

AstonMartin said... »February 13, 2012

I really hope the upcoming Mazda 6 is released as close to this concept design as possible.  Truly great lines mixed with efficient engines and the highly touted Skyactiv technology for improved performance.
This car has the makings of a segment leader.

Bluetheimpala said... »February 13, 2012

  Real exterior, fake interior? What a joke. Is this a Honda concept? lol.
  Such a waste of my time.  
I'm glad this piece of shit company lost over a billion dollars.

Time to sell yourself to the chinese or indians.  Ford learnt its lesson. GM is losing share daily.  Chrysler/Fiat is a complete joke, I doubt the tie up will last 5 years.  Maybe Youngman or Great Wall will snap you up. They get some ford tech and japanese supply chain experience.  I see that happening.

europeon said... »February 13, 2012

 I wish they have the balls Alfa Romeo had with Brera/159 for those lights...

Good Consumer Service said... »February 13, 2012

Finally, they took off the smiley grill. Can't they do that with all the other models in the Mazda line?

Matt said... »February 13, 2012

wow, nice nice nice,   hmm, i see too much of Hyundai Sonata in rear... actually , if u replace the "M" badge for tilted "H",  u can really fool someone over this, but i don't mean it as a bad thing... both cars has beautiful designs,  i really like where's Mazda is heading with these lines...

EV Roadster said... »February 14, 2012


Such a Waste of Time said... »February 14, 2012

Please Guys, unsupported opinion is just that, a waste of time.  Try to add to the conversation with supportable comments derived from sound knowledge and real experience.  Shallow, juvenile opinions are just that ...Shallow & Juvenile.  Factually unsupportable opinions are 'such a waste of time'. 

Jill said... »February 14, 2012

You set my soul in motion Mazda...Kodos to you. 

Ben Tully said... »February 14, 2012

Take your cojones talk somewhere else.. europe neon.

aaronbbrown said... »February 14, 2012

 A very sharp looking sedan, better lines and cleaner looking then say a BMW.   The front-end is particularly attractive, masculine with an aggressive quality, nice wheels too.  I like the direction Mazda is going with this design.

Polyester Poontang said... »February 14, 2012

I heard that you are a Mazda shill.

Alex said... »February 14, 2012

 You really have no idea what you're on about, do you

Jerry said... »February 16, 2012

Beautiful car! Hope the production version looks this good. 

Mj Vic said... »February 16, 2012

Gm is making record profits, Chrysler repaid it's debt in full, Ford is fine, and chinese cars are all absolute trash, so I don't know what you are going on about. 

whyusostupid said... »February 18, 2012

Ugh. U spew garbage. Horrible nonsense.

X Factor said... »February 21, 2012

Wow. I want one.

Lord said... »February 21, 2012

subtle beauty and sexiness like this will never be translated into reality....I will have to wait for this when Hyundai copies this design and puts one out next year

Jim said... »February 28, 2012

 why would hyundai copy this when mazda already copied hyundai in the rear?

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