New Photo of Chevy Cruze Station Wagon Reveals the Face of the Updated 2012 Lineup


At next week's Geneva Motor Show, Chevrolet will officially present the third addition to its Cruze range after the four-door sedan and five-door hatchback models, the new Station Wagon.

Following the release of a single image showing the Station Wagon's rear quarters, Chevrolet dropped another picture today, this time of the car's front end. If you pay close attention, you will notice the remodeled front fascia that will be introduced on all Cruze models in 2012.

The changes include a redesigned front bumper with new openings for the air vents and fog lamps, while it also appears that Chevrolet tweaked the grille, though it's a bit hard to tell from this angle.

The 2012 Cruze models also get modified head-lamp interiors and new alloy wheel styles, while Chevrolet noted that interior refinements include a new center console and a greater choice of seat finishes.



snoopy said... »February 28, 2012

Mazda 6-face like....why they just keep the look they have now!?

unknown said... »February 28, 2012

Um, they stole those rims from the Hyundai Veloster's Tech package... 

8LiterHemiV8 said... »February 28, 2012

People don't like it, but i agree with you.

Braddo said... »March 02, 2012

i don't get this car, it looks like 10 years old already...poor quality, drab dated design.. and yet people are buying them!

Aaadrian said... »March 02, 2012

The front end looks so hideous, the old one was only just decent but they totally ruined it this time

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