Possibly the World's Worst Parallel Parker Ever


You know you have no idea how to park – wait, actually scratch that - drive a car when you're having an extremely hard time fitting a Smart Fortwo into a spot big enough for a Cadillac Escalade and probably then some…

Hop over the break to view video that lasts close to five minutes (!) before the young woman manages to park her Lilliputian Fortwo.



Zandit75 said... »February 01, 2012

Makes me wonder how people like this get their driving permits!!

aaronbbrown said... »February 01, 2012

 It's well known that chicks tend to have problems with spatial orientation, we shouldn't make fun of them, especially if we expect to get laid... ever again. lol

Garrett Spicer said... »February 01, 2012

Thats a small kitchen.

Steve said... »February 02, 2012

I like to have girlfriend like this driver, it gives my other girlfriend to go for one more time with me, get dress, shower, eat, and get out.

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