Angry Woman Thrashes on Motorcyclist During One of the Craziest Road Rage Incidents Ever!


If you still don't believe that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then we'd advise you to take a look at the following video that was shot in Brazil.

We can honestly say that it’s one of the craziest and most dangerous incidents of road rage that we have ever seen. Period.

Reports emerging from Brazil say that, according to the police report, the said incident took place on February 23. It all started when a woman driving a Fiat Palio Adventure allegedly cut off the motorcyclist at a red light.

From there on, a passenger in a following vehicle catches the entire episode on film. Apparently, some words and/or looks were exchanged and the motorcyclist kicks the front fender of the Fiat. That was a bad move because the woman immediately runs her car onto the motorcyclist knocking him down! Sounds crazy right? Wait, you haven’t heard the half of it!

The angry motorcyclist then stands up and walks towards the Fiat – we're going to assume that he wasn't planning to turn the other cheek yet.

So what does the woman do? She drives straight onto the man who lands on the car's bonnet clinching onto the mirror for his life, while the woman steers the Fiat into stationary vehicles and on to a parked car on the other side of the road!

By some kind of miracle, no one, not even the shaken up motorcyclist was hurt during the Brazilian woman's insane rage.

But just to be sure, the motorcyclist quickly got up and took the keys off the woman's vehicle before she could run him over again…

You can watch the incident unfold in the video after the break. We've also added a TV news clip from Brazil, so if you know Portuguese and we missed something, the comments section is all yours.

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Hugh Jorgan said... »March 26, 2012

She took exception to EVIL KENIEVEL kicking her Fiat.
I'll bet there is more to the story than what you get from this video.

Kishu Twong said... »March 26, 2012

Guy with camera needs to practice his recording technique more.

Hudaman said... »March 27, 2012

If for once, you read the entire blog posted by carscoop, you'll understand the entire story.

quick car shipping said... »March 27, 2012

this is really something insane what i just watched. The women is out of his senses and what he really want to do...i think she want her self behind the bars.

BazZtarD said... »March 27, 2012

Everyone who thinks motorcycles are not allowed to pass traffic jams by either blocking the road with the car, opening the doors or yelling at the cyclist, should be shot...

lexluther said... »March 27, 2012

Motorcyclist pulled the partial opened window and broke it to gain access to the keys. Can be seen at 26sec and also 1:30. Woman can be seen at 2min mark motorcyclist keeping a 10ft distance and shadowing here. Guy doing his part to distance himself and women doesn't seem aggressive without her death car.

Sérgio Gonçalves Dinis said... »March 27, 2012


it says what the woman is a 21 one year old brazilian.

She says that she got scared with the guy in the bike and decided to defend
herself by throwing the car at him. The guy in the bike says he only looked at her with a scary look
(which is untrue as he kicked the car)...

Even though this happens in brazil, the reaction is unjustified IMHO.

Dudu said... »March 27, 2012

Women !!! Period.

Hugh Jorgan said... »March 27, 2012

I did read it.......look up the word allegedly......I read,  the first action that is not alleged was the aggression by "Evil" who chased the driver and kiked her car.

Comanche said... »March 27, 2012

Thank you blog.

Retsak said... »March 27, 2012

If a guy on a bike ever kicks my car he had better prepared to go for a hood ride as well.

Rick said... »March 27, 2012

Insane rage? Or self defense? if a dude that size came at my wife in her car I'd want her to run his ass over as well. You don't know what we will do if he's crazy enough to charge at a car.

Polyester Poontang said... »March 27, 2012

Maybe they have a "stand you ground law " in Brazil like Florida. If so,  if she felt threatened what she did was justified.

dOMASk said... »March 27, 2012

stupid bitch...if some1 kicks in your car call the police not try to ran him over with the car it's not so hard to kill a man..

Robbie McDonald said... »March 27, 2012

the guy was sitting on his bike and wouldn't have had the momentum to even the chip the paint with his kick. And for this he should pay with being ran over? Car drivers are the worst!

Piresito said... »March 28, 2012

They are saying that in a previous roundabout she cut the motorcycle's way, so he decided do talk to her. Apparently the  conversation didn't go well and he kicked her headlight, then the movie shows the rest of it...

Ben said... »March 28, 2012

im sorry but why dont you ask some random pedestrians to kick your motorbicycle or car and tell me you wouldnt punch them in the face?

LOL said... »March 28, 2012

 So even with everything seen in the video; kicking a car can justify attempted murder, right?

DrippySnatcher said... »March 28, 2012

run them over. nice done!  plus pepper spray would do the trick and be sure take off his sunglasses..

Nationalpowersupply said... »April 01, 2012

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exermen said... »April 03, 2012

except when you punch someone in the face, its not the same ramming them with a car potentially killing them. how can you even compare these two?

Z-Meister said... »April 06, 2012

A punch to the face or run someone over with a car HHMMMMMMmmmmmmmm  I know that car drivers that want to run over bikers are the worst.

RGT said... »April 12, 2012

''Women !!! Period.'' I see what you did there ;)

Eðulf said... »April 19, 2012

He should have choked a bitch.

Imad Ali said... »April 19, 2012

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Gatorsta said... »April 21, 2012

so roughly what your saying is you have no problem with me pissing on your leg, because all and all a little urine cant possibly hurt you?

Razia said... »April 23, 2012

I drive a really big vehicle and if he kicks at my vehicle I sure sure am gonna give him more than he bargained for . He just an arrogant male motor cycle driver who probably can't afford a car!

Kryptonite192o said... »April 24, 2012

why didn't she just shoot him? she wouldn't have had to put it such an effort to kill him...

Cara said... »June 14, 2012

Tudo isso é foda memo, meu irrmão!

Anonymous said... »June 23, 2012

O how many of you seem to be experts talking on others folly, and yet you exalt your own! A mans life is worth more than your painted pieces of steel, though it may be little worth to your lofty hearts that glorify and love yourselve above all, and your idol possessions that rust or decay or become moth eaten, which things appear but a short time, like yourselves, and pass your time here as lovers of self, full war and envy, and quick to kindle fire to any that cross your way. But while this worlds vain glory it's set in your hearts, you will lord your idol pride and possessions over one another, so that one another suffers under you. For you that said, "He just an arrogant male motor cycle driver who probably can't afford a car!" This is a plain example to what I have here spoken. Whether he our she can afford a car, or had to borrow a bicycle, or walk, what does that matter in any respect? Here you exalt your folly and show your wisdom; your hearts in the world feeding on ashes and lifeless things, so that you cannot see the value of man but his possessions. O blush for shame!

Pig=Razia said... »January 30, 2013

you must be retarded, your name suggests you are a third world immigrant with little money or education to base your knowledge and think you are good because you got a car on credit. bikes are not cheap, cars are cheap, bike repairs compared cars are more costly.

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