Auto Avio Costruzioni Makes a One-Off Alfa Giulietta


Laurent Miller, the man who bought the Auto Avio Costruzioni brand name eight years ago, has churned out his third tuned Alfa Romeo.

This time Miller decided to turn his attention on the Giulietta, Alfa’s five-door hatch. The car features a unique two-tone paint job with Alfa dark grey for the lower body and a Lamborghini-sourced “White Ballon” pearl color for most of the upper part of the car and the wheels.

The hatchback is powered by a tinkered version of Alfa's new 1750 TBi turbocharged four-cylinder petro producing 270PS (266bhp) and 385Nm (284 lb-ft), up from the standard model's 235PS (232bhp) and 340Nm. In addition, the the stock suspension has given its place to a fully adjustable suspension from KW.

Like the two Alfa Romeo 159s that Miller tuned before, the Auto Avio Costruzioni Giulietta is a one-off car with pricing set at of 49,900 Frs (approximately €40,000 or US$52,750).




Oz said... »March 12, 2012

Ohh - Thank GOD - SHIVA & BUDHA it's one of a kind..

exige said... »March 12, 2012

i kinda see what they what they were going for here but seriously it looks like a bad tuner job like one someone did themselves. You know that car you see on the road it just totally makes you not want to buy that car after seeing how bad of a job the person customized it...thats this car. If they are going to tune a car like this one the paint job is way to much gray and white arent working if they insists on white and a metallic maybe a lighter color like silver, with upgraded larger polished or matte finish silver wheels. or a white and black scheme but just black going from the hood back...

Europeon said... »March 12, 2012

As a proud 159 owner, this "one-off" car makes me sick just as the their previous tuned 159 did.
They have no idea about Alfa Romeo's design language and it looks like a 5 year old did it.

aaronbbrown said... »March 12, 2012

 I kind of like it, it looks good particularly from the front, but in profile the two-tone paint job looks out of balance.  Should've had more white, gray comes up too high it should stop just above the wheel wells and below the tail lights.

Hugh Jorgan said... »March 12, 2012

OMG.....I agree with you.

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