Bespoke Ferrari SP12, Reportedly Owned by Eric Clapton, Filmed as it was Leaving London Showroom


Here's an update on our previous story on the one-of-a-kind Ferrari SP12 that was spotted at HR Owen showroom in London on Wednesday night.

YouTube user Shmee150, not only took some video footage from the presentation last night, but he was also able to hand the camera to someone inside the dealership today and film the car up close as it was leaving to be delivered to its new owner, who is rumored to be none other than Eric Clapton.

While we still don't have any official information on the car, Shmee150's inside man at HR Owen gave some details about the vehicle in the video description. Among other things, the insider says that the coachbuilt Ferrari is based on the 458 Italia and retains its V8 engine despite rumors about a V12.

From Shmee150's video description:

"This is the new Ferrari SP12, a Special Project creation built for Eric Clapton for a cost of £3m over a period of 2 years. The car is based on the framework and engine of the Ferrari 458 Italia but features numerous design changes to tweak it back to an appearance of Ferraris of old including the 512 Boxer and the headlights from the Enzo."

"The car had originally planned to be a 12-cylinder version but clearly this was too much to ask and as such it seems to run the V8 and controls of the normal car."

Hat tip to George for the video find!



F50 said... »March 22, 2012

If I were him I would order my custom ferrari with Four tail lights instead of two, just like the good old ferrari times :)

Quruuxley Iskufilan said... »March 22, 2012

This car was obviously inspired by the 512 BB, this is amazing. and this is why you must respect ferrari, forget aventador convertibles!!!

BreckRob said... »March 22, 2012

Check out the license plate SP12 EPC. Eric Patric Clapton

Cocaine said... »March 22, 2012

If you wanna hang out
You've gotta take her out
Ferrari SP12
If you wanna get down
Down on the ground
Ferrari SP12

She don't lie
She don't lie
She don't lie
Ferrari SP12

If you got bad news
You wanna kick them blues
Ferrari SP12
When your day is done
And you wanna run
Ferrari SP12

eb110americana said... »March 22, 2012

My favorite part about this one-off are those deliciously sculptural C-pillars. They're flying buttresses, which I miss from Ferraris of yore, and that elegant razor edge detailing on the scoop is icing on the cake. Conversely, this area is probably my least favorite part of the 458 Italia, as it is all angles featuring an unfortunate cut line through the middle and lacking the voluptuous flowing hips of earlier models. 

Shinichiro Kawai said... »March 23, 2012

なにこれ、こんなのあったんだ。まさにスポーツカー世代直撃の、italiaをベースに作った512BB!や、違うけどあえて現代の512ベルリネッタボクサーと言いたい.... Italiaよりかっこいい。エリッククラプトンさんのものですかい。

Zenith Wrath said... »March 23, 2012

Too much grey plastic in my opinion. Makes it look a bit like a mule with camouflage, and wheels should have been customised as well, but still interesting to look at.

JOEBLOW said... »March 23, 2012

Eric Clapton....BLAH!

Guest said... »March 24, 2012

Not a very good result...spoiled a 458. Let Ferrari designers do the job instead....

Fred_kafoops said... »March 25, 2012

the camerman needs to go back to school what the hell were you thinking??????

David Knox said... »March 30, 2012

naff. a big plastic toy for a big stupid celebrity.

Hugh Jorgan said... »March 30, 2012

12 year olds should be in school, Not making prepubescent comments on blog sites.

RGT said... »April 12, 2012

Could've been a lot better considering he could've had whatever he wanted. Well, almost. Not to my taste at all tbh. But it doesn't matter, because he just paid 3M for a Ferrari exactly the way he wants it so I say good for him. Sultan of Brunei has been doing this for years. I just hope all that money doesn't go to waste sitting in the garage, and that this beast gets to see some tarmac. Have fun Mr. Clapton, you lucky bastard!

Red_Light_Green_Light_123 said... »April 20, 2012

Its been a while since seeing a Ferrari that put a smile on my face.  I really like the 512BBI inspired look of this special.  Got to love the older Pininfarina look of older Ferraris.

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