Older Man Thrashes Young Bodybuilder in Aussie Road Rage Incident


A video of an older man in a Mercedes SUV beating up a young bodybuilder during a road rage episode in Australia last Thursday has been making the local headlines.

After airing the amateur footage of the traffic punch-up and seeing the response from viewers, the Nine Network's flagship program "A Current Affair" investigated further and found the "guy with tattoos" named Josh.

Josh told the news channel that the older man in the Mercedes SUV almost backed into his pregnant girlfriend's car. The young Aussie claims that he jumped out of the vehicle to approach him at the next set of lights and they exchanged words and one thing lead to another.

We don't know who started the fight, but if anything else, Josh proved to be a good sport about the incident and even laughed about it. When the reporter asked him what he would say to the older man that "whacked him" if he was watching the show, Josh replied, "You got me!".

Goes to show you that appearances can be deceiving and we mean that in good way.



aaronbbrown said... »March 20, 2012

 Australia is pretty sparsely populated, so I suppose this is less of an issue down under.  Here in the states in congested urban areas it's a daily occurrence, out on the West Coast in LA, people will just shoot you on the freeway.  It's the old too many rats in a cage syndrome, soon or later they're going to eat each other.

Mike Stevens said... »March 20, 2012

"Too much weights, not enough speedwork. Useless prick."

Fury Road said... »March 20, 2012

Casting call for Mad Max Fury Road extras. The old dude was hired!

Hudaman said... »March 20, 2012

once I recognized that it was an older dude, I would not fight the old man, I would pick someone my own size, and age, I let the old bitch has his day, 'cause it's getting shorter, and that is what I called respect dwag.

sparselypopulated said... »March 21, 2012

Dude, just don't 'suppose' when you have no idea what you are talking about.

Nailocr said... »March 21, 2012

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

Teverett335 said... »March 21, 2012

Yeh, I would never punch at an old man. I would do exactly what that guy did.  If you do hit him and he goes down and has some sort of fatal injury then what??

Hugh Jorgan said... »March 21, 2012

He is allowed his own facts which he makes up as he goes. Density in Australian cities is just like the USA. Miami by the way is away higher in road rage than L.A., as a matter of fact there are many cities ahead of L.A. and they are no more dense than the Aussie cities.
aaronbbrown has to be the expert on everything, unfortunately his expertise is bullshit.

Wozcon said... »March 21, 2012

Im sure the young man could have demolished the aggressive old twerp if he wanted to, but he was obviously inteligent enough not to do so. Hope the old twerp is prosecuted.

Nadir Chaudhry said... »March 22, 2012

The only intelligent response on this entire website

$tunner said... »March 22, 2012

he had speed bt didnt land jak n there was nada power

Jonathan R said... »March 22, 2012

Look at those haymakers fly!

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