Scoop: Audi Tries to Hide New Q6 Crossover Under Q5's Body


Another crossover from Audi? Yes and this time, the brand with the four rings is pointing its guns towards the BMW X6 with what could be best described as a Sportback version of the firm's familiar SUV model series.

Sometimes, you need to pay close attention to prototypes to see that they are test mules but that's not the case here as the extended wheelbase together with the widened tracks are a clear giveaway, despite the Q5 body shell.

That said, the new Q6 won't look anything like this mule but instead it is expected to feature a sleek silhouette with a roofline that will resemble that of the A5 and A7 Sportback models.

Power should come from a range of four-cylinder and V6 turbocharged engines in both diesel and gasoline forms, joined by at least one hybrid variant.

While Audi has officially confirmed not only the development of the Q6 but also of a smaller and similarly fashioned Q4 model, the German automaker has not yet given us a time frame for its presentation.

Photo Credits: CarPix for Carscoop




exige said... »March 20, 2012

A sportback version of a crossover sounds redundant its like saying wagon wagon, and i its based on a Q5 it would slot in below the X6 is based on the more expensive X5 and is more expensive than that car is as well. im guessing by the name Q6 that it will slot below the Q7 in price and size...

Vin said... »March 20, 2012

I'm a fan of the Q5's styling but I'm not sure the Q6 will look so great in my opinion if it is going to be similar to the A7.

A7 said... »March 21, 2012

that's where I think you are wrong...

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