A Street Full of Tuned Rolls Royce Phantom Limos, Coupes and Convertibles


How often do you see a street occupied by a plethora of Rolls Royce Phantom models of all sorts including the limo, the Coupe and the Drophead Coupe variants?

But wait, did we mention that all Phantoms were custom tuned? Now that's a sight you never forget.

You'd be inclined to believe that such a happening would most likely take place in Dubai, and you'd be partially right. We say partially because the street is named Dubai but it's not located in the United Arab Emirates but on the other side of the world in Tokyo, Japan.

Make your way through the jump to watch the videos.



Guest said... »March 24, 2012

 "To be rich is glorious" - Deng Xiaoping

Hajime1990 said... »March 24, 2012

FYI there's no place named "Dubai Street" in Tokyo. These geeks just made it up.

Kaveh said... »March 24, 2012

Dubai street, making fun of them selfs I guess.  Those look horrible modded, and a pink one, someone needs to be shot.

TangoUrilla said... »March 24, 2012

What was it, a bad taste conference?

Ajk7244 said... »March 24, 2012

UGLY ass cars.

Nailocr said... »March 24, 2012

Rap star convention?

Jose Martinez said... »March 25, 2012

sometimes i wish i had a basuca

blackzero said... »March 25, 2012

phantoms , phantoms everywhere

Anonymous said... »March 25, 2012

Stick with ur Hondas bitches

Ditch Plains said... »March 25, 2012

I never really thought a car could possibly look embarrassed, but these Rolls Royces are clearly humiliated.  

Bob said... »March 28, 2012

its a shame Deng Xiaoping is Chinese and not Japanese......BIG difference

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