2013 Acura RLX Concept Sedan Sports New V6 Hybrid System with 370HP and 30mpg Combined

At the 2012 New York Auto Show, Acura revealed the new RLX, which may carry a concept moniker, but we all know that it's a thinly disguised version of the production model slated for launch in North America at the beginning of 2013.

The RLX will replace the RL as Acura's flagship model in a segment that the company has constantly failed to deliver.

The Japanese brand's full-size sedan has approximately the same length as the current RL, but comes with a two-inch longer wheelbase and two-inch shorter front overhang, while both the track and vehicle width increase by around two inches.

The styling builds on Acura's so-called 'Keen Edge' design motif, as seen on the smaller ILX. The concept's stance is accentuated by a set of 20-inch forged aluminum wheels shod in 255/35 R20 high-performance tires, which is probably one of the few elements on the concept that won't make it into production.

The most intriguing aspect of the concept is hidden from view under the car's hood as the RLX features the first application of Acura's new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD. The system links a new 3.5-liter direct-injected VTEC V6 engine to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and three electric motors, generating a combined out of more than 370-horsepower.

According to Acura, the RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD returns an estimated combined fuel economy of 30mpg (equal to 7.8lt/100km and 36.0mpg UK).

Acura revealed that the production 2013 RLX will also be offered in a 310-horsepower, front-wheel-drive version.

"We have created a true luxury sedan based on our Acura DNA," commented Tetsuo Iwamura, American Honda CEO.

"This means achieving advanced performance through engineering efficiency to create a unique synergy between the vehicle and its driver. Inside and out, on the open road or city streets, the sophisticated and elegant Acura RLX will offer a level of connectivity, comfort and advanced performance demanded by today's luxury buyers," he added.


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Spencera said... »April 04, 2012

super boring design...looks a lot like a toyota avalon

TheLeadFoot said... »April 04, 2012

Honestly, if your new flagship vehicle looks like a Toyota Avalon maybe don't try to imply that it's so gorgeous people will have a hard time not looking at it. This thing looks like it's 6 years old already and it's the CONCEPT version which makes it even that much more shocking.

SgtBeavis said... »April 04, 2012

Perhaps a genuine engineering tour de force, but Honda/Acura needs to fire their design team NOW.  What a disaster Acura has become...

Aaron Curiel said... »April 04, 2012

tail lamps with LED's and head lights with 5 beams doesn't make your car cool.. just sayin.  What an ugly car

Where's Jerry? said... »April 04, 2012

Is Seinfeld in the trunk?

Westy said... »April 04, 2012

Look, they borrowed the tail lights from the Chevy Cruze.

NSX-R said... »April 04, 2012

well done acura nice car  better than before

S├ębastien said... »April 04, 2012

Even the interior while barely visible already says "cheap"

Bingo said... »April 04, 2012

Another styling disaster by honda.

europeon said... »April 04, 2012


Anonymous said... »April 04, 2012

Utter rubbish of a design...mix of generic front and B-pillar going backward last gen 5 series??? Really Honda?

Wonderdallas said... »April 04, 2012

The RLX is what the Accord sedan should look like and the ILX should be the updated Civic. These designs are far too conservative to be a sporty luxury brand.


AstonMartin said... »April 04, 2012

Unfortunate fail by Acura on redesigning their flagship luxury design.  It simply cannot compete with a Lexus LS or Mercedes S in terms of design and level of luxury.   I say unfortunate because they repeatedly make the same design failures for each new car they introduce.  Scrap the sedan design team and go in a bold new direction - its the only way Acura will break this mold of creating boring cars that have aged before they are even out the gate.  Now, this car can compete with mid-grade sedans on price if optioned well in the 50K area but lacks whats needed to go to toe to toe with the current leaders in luxury.

Andrew Popoola said... »April 04, 2012

It's official.  Acura is going to go the way of the dodo bird.

This is possibly one of the saddest days in automotive history.

Acura, it's not too late.  Hire me.  I WILL FIX YOU.  

Scrap this haste.

Andrew Popoola said... »April 04, 2012

Pause the second video at minute 2:10 and look at the Toyota Camry in the background.  Now tell me how that looks any different than what you have created Acura.


My heart aches.

Alex said... »April 04, 2012

Looks like it's up to the new Lexus LS to salvage large Japanese luxury.

Can't Think of a Better Name said... »April 04, 2012

I think the old RL collided with the old Crosstour and they were too lazy to think of a new design so they took the collided cars and put them on the show room for the New Crosstour. Then, they stole an Avalon from Toyota, replaced it with the shield grill and called that the RLX.

IzzyFy said... »April 04, 2012

When will Acura realize that Silver is the worst color you can debut a new car in? (ILX,RDX,RLX) all silver.....terrible.

klowik said... »April 04, 2012

It looks better, bigger and more mature than the previous generations. Besides, the 8 top and bottom circle LEDs are a bit overdone and there should be a bit of larger opening in the lower front air dams area so that it looks a bit more aggressive. Acura should aim for a sporty Saloon, not the Lexus or Mercedes S-class limousine. I can see that Acura will change the styling very soon as they did in the RL class.

Anonymous said... »April 04, 2012


aaronbbrown said... »April 05, 2012

 I'm sure it performs beautifully and is great to drive like most Acura products, but it has absolutely no visual appeal for me whatsoever.  I go with the new Accord any day over this car.   Who knows I might not enjoy driving it is much as the Acura, but I sure will enjoy looking at it a lot more. :\

will wong said... »April 05, 2012

Acura when are you going to understand? 

will wong said... »April 05, 2012

Acura you make entry level luxury... nothing in your line up says tier 1, your brand is 3rd rate at best.
Hyundai is even above you in my books. The problem is that you are a wannabe/copycat from the alpha-numeric to that ugly grill. Bring back the LEGEND name and the INTEGRA.
Acura's are just spruced up Honda's and what luxury brand doesn't even have a single RWD car!?!

Peacemaker ic said... »April 05, 2012


wake me up when the nsx arrives.................

Nick said... »April 05, 2012

Looks great to me. Looks are subjective but I wouldn't mind one in my diveway at all, not at all. 

Rushbut said... »April 05, 2012

a technological tour de with the last RL, SH-AWD (torque vectoring AWD) was completely copied by every major manufacturer...including BMW. If they can hit the fuel economy numbers they predict, they'll have a major break through. As for looks, it looks like everything in its class...LS, 7 series...don't forget its market...grey hair. I expect the critiques will love it and the basement dwelling teenage web trolls will continue to hate.
I love it. Looking forward to the next TL (oops TLX).

Todd Broeker said... »April 06, 2012


Earl said... »April 06, 2012

I agree with you Spencera...I almost feel asleep trying to look at the photos. Way back in mid 1980's they started the go bigger and more luxuy for the Japanese cars. In all that early effort they have handed it to Lexus, Infiniti, and the underdog Hyundai Genesis. Maybe Honda/Acura just need to leave the game and become just one car company with boring half hearted designs.

Obi Alfred said... »April 06, 2012

Dear Acura,

Your worst dreams have come true...



Obi Alfred said... »April 06, 2012

LOL is this the Legendary Jesus-car to compete with the S class, LS, 7 series, Equus, and A8?
Isn't this supposed to be the flagship car for Acura. Luxury, Performance, Styling into one car? 
What a joke. The new Hyundai Equus with performance updates will kick this thing in the ass, next the 2014 S class and 2013-14 Lexus LS will kill this thing. The upcoming American classics are gonna wipe up the mess.. :D

Notmyname said... »April 07, 2012

None of these geniuses talked about the dynamic sophistication of this car, which if they saw the video they'd realized it kicks every competitor's ass.  But it's a Honda so they all dis it with heaps of negative comments, which is in vogue these days.  

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 Take a look at the new Avalon, and tell me that again.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 Lol, the interior isn't even finished yet.

Christ you guys are ridiculous.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

Looks like it's 6 years old, despite the fact that nothing on the road looks like this?
Really now, stop attacking Acura for being Acura.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 Ugly because LED's and high beam headlights?
Just about ever car has LEDs and high beam headlights.
Does that mean that they're all ugly too?

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 BMW 7 Series.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

It certainly looks better than the old RL.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 Why don't you tell that to BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Infiniti?
Just about every luxury marque is conservative and evolutionary in styling.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

Despite the fact that it looks just like a Lexus LS, it cannot compete with it?
And come on now, the S class is dated.

Why is it that Acura is the only one that is slammed for not being bold, and not every other luxury marque that is NEVER bold?

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 Mind telling why this is a sad day in automotive history?
370 HP from a V6?
4 wheel steering + AWD?
7 speed DCG?
Something none of its competitors have?

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 What kind lunacy are you speaking?
Honda is an Engineering company, not an artist.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 Brushing off a concept before driving it. I like that.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 But this has more lines on it than an Avalon.
This doesn't look like an Avalon, and I'd really like someone to tell me where they see the resemblance.

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 lol. butthurt complaining about color.
Can't find anything else wrong with it?
You can paint cars, you are aware of that, right?

Shanne Stines said... »April 08, 2012

 Bring back a car based on the Civic?
They already have.
lol. What car doesn't have a single RWD car?
And I guess you could say Audis are just spruced up Volkswagens.

Really now, please put more sustenance into your arguments.

Rushbut said... »April 08, 2012 you prefer to look at a car rather than drive it...sure glad you're so prominent in commenting on this website when you don't even need a drivers license to support your interest in automobiles.

The TL 6 speed manual with SHAWD may not beat an M5 but it's a hell of a drivers car for a fraction of the price. Read up on it from critics that actually drive cars not just look at them.

MadMax said... »April 09, 2012

put your glasses on, scan through the pictures and watch the video several more times, if you haven't throw up by the second time, repeat, then rewrite your comment.

MadMax said... »April 09, 2012

all wheel drive goes to the Subaru, horse power? 150-200 is enough, unless every day driving is like a Sunday at 2 a.m., mpg? Subaru will achieve the same 30mpg, just drive slowly.
so Acura, we don't need your guts, give us the look, give us something we're not shameful to stand next to. just look at the guy presenting your concept, he looked like he was going to commit suicide at any time. sad, very sad design.

Billy Farmer said... »April 28, 2012

Looks like a Kia Optima. nice but too curvy and the proportions are way off, Kia def did a much better job with this type of style. Honda is getting better though....I still remember when Honda made nice looking cars back in the day when every car maker I know wished they then had honda;s design team. Maybe one day their learn how to design again and be on the top.

Lord said... »May 13, 2012

what's with the hoodrat rims??

Penis said... »June 07, 2012

This thing's gonna have freaking 450 lb ft. That's AWESOME.

Hugh Jorgan said... »June 07, 2012

Manguape gigante

Tripp Albright said... »June 09, 2012

Acura, wake up!!!!!!! Don't you get it? Look at all the comments at every car website! Almost all of the comments are negative. Please, please get rid of your horrible design team.

Tripp Albright said... »June 09, 2012

Acura please listen to all of these comments on this blog. The only thing that you need to improve on is the styling. The mechanical parts of the cars are great; the sport hybrid system, 4 wheel stearing, 370 HP, and the sh-AWD. Good in the drivers respect.

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