ATV Versus Cow, Guess Who Loses…


Argentinian cross-country champion Lucas Bonetto who finished in seventh place in the quads category at the 2012 Dakar Rally had an unfortunate encounter with a…cow while riding his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on a dirt road.

The 21-year old rider captured the crash with the large animal on video through his head-mounted camera. Luckily, Bonetto says he didn't suffer any injuries. As for the cow, we can't say as it seems to have fled the scene right after the accident...

Check out the footage in the video right past the break.



Jon said... »April 19, 2012

Way to aim right for it, "champ."

Noie said... »April 19, 2012

where is the cow gone???

Kaveh said... »April 19, 2012

I was waiting to see what happened to the cow

piero said... »April 19, 2012

he should be dead, not the cow!

Frank said... »April 19, 2012

cow got bumped so hard, it ejected to the outerspace

Bigjetplan said... »April 19, 2012

I bemire that cow milk would be shacked :::)

Oh said... »April 19, 2012

Holy Cow

aaronbbrown said... »April 19, 2012

 It's shocking how many people have bad accidents in rural areas as a result of hitting livestock or wild animals.  Family friends hit a horse in Texas at highway speed. The animals Head came in through the front window and the animal became lodged upside down in the car, badly injuring the passenger whoses face was crushed.   We had a picture of the horse stuck in the top of the car, it was unbelievable.   A truck driver we knew  hit a turkey, which came through the windshield of his semi, and badly mauled his face with its spurs as it struggled to dislodge itself from the window, still alive. You really got to watch out for animals on the road in rural areas.
 Looks like this was just a glancing blow, He was lucky.  You hit a cow with your car going 50 mph, and your car will be totaled. That happen to another friend of ours, destroyed their 5.0 Mustang

Yavor Trassiev said... »April 20, 2012

I completely agree, livestock is extremely dangerous around fast roads. A family friend died when he hit a horse with a 2004 Opel Combo @ 60 mph. The horse had gotten almost all the way in through the windshield. When we opened the door blood poured out  :/

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