First Photos of Infiniti's LE Pure-Electric Concept


The first images of Infiniti's LE Concept have made their appearance online, shortly after Nissan and Infiniti CEO Carlos Ghosn gave journalists a sneak peak of the electric-powered model at the brand's New York Auto Show stand.

Infiniti had revealed its intentions to launch a pure electric family car at the 2010 Paris Motor Show having released a second teaser image on the sidelines of last year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

The LE Concept previews the production model that will follow within the next two years. We don't have any information on the four door sedan's mechanical hardware, but it likely that it shares many parts with the Nissan Leaf.

The car's exterior design is in line with Infiniti's recent concept studies such as the Emerg-E supercar shown in Geneva last month.



Anonymous said... »April 04, 2012

Warrisdis infiniti?? :/

IzzyFy said... »April 04, 2012

It seems like now a days Infiniti is the only luxury car that hasn't lost its touch as of late. Everything they come out with looks fresh and clean. To me, all Infinitis look good especially the G coupe. If they keep it up and keep design close to its concept forms, they might just step on Acura (if they haven't already) and maybe even Lexus. 

AstonMartin said... »April 04, 2012

Le Pure Hyundai!

deba94 said... »April 04, 2012

    It's... an Elantra?

bmwdrvr said... »April 04, 2012

im going to assume your wearing beer goggles....everything as of late from infiniti looks good? the ONLY automaker that makes good looking cars wow what have to work for infiniti....because everything theyve been putting lately is ugly and misproportioned...the JX, QX, FX all horrendous they are rolling eye sores and thats being nice the M is as well the only thing left at infiniti worth looking at is the G37 coupe and its aging is showing...

IzzyFy said... »April 04, 2012

Because my opinion was different from yours that means I'm wearing beer goggles and that I work for infiniti? No I don't work for them. Considering your name, (bmwdrvr) did I say anything about BMW? no. I said Acura and Lexus. Even though MOST PEOPLE pair them in the same category Infiniti doesn't come close to BMW. (Something me and you can both agree on) Im so sorry that it was  my opinion that I think all inifinitis look good and that I didn't include your favorite. Clearly they have been making better looking vehicles (if anything more exciting looking whether you people think they are ugly or nice) than those other two luxury brands I've stated. 

And where in my statement did I say the ONLY automaker making good looking cars? 
Your sentence should of corrected me on the only (((((LUXURY))))) automaker making good looking cars as of late, which again it maybe my opinion, that still even BMW/Audi/Mercedes do make good cars, they have lacked in the design department. But I don't mention those because I (as in MYSELF) don't even put those in the same category as the the Japanese 3. The way I see it (acura/inifinit/lexus) and (mercedes/audi/bmw) did I clear that up for you? 

Looks like you are wearing the beer goggles. 

rich said... »April 04, 2012

I didnt know you could get a Sonata with a Lexus grill?

bmwdrvr said... »April 05, 2012

Please stop wining "sweety" this is a car blog i have the right to disagree, and i have the right to state my opinion you dont like it oh well. Infinitis are ugly, im not the only one that thinks so, they are ugly pseudo luxury cars that seem to not have the "luxury" or "refinement part of the luxury equation down. Now see how short that and simple that was? Not only did your follow up  rant contradict your first post as you did use the word "only" now all of sudden you didnt say that...yet its sitting just a few lines up (still wearing those beer goggles yeah you have to be) yourself a favor before you try to post a response "sweety" before throwing a tantrum at least dont contradict what you already said. and than blatantly lie about what you said its in text are you blind you said only ....dismissed..

Peacemaker ic said... »April 05, 2012

it is nicely proportioned compared to that last concept, that hatch/coupe/crossover looking mash-up. the only thing i am not digging is that bold crease line but hopefully it will get toned down when it enters production. let hyundai handle those creases please. that crease line on the rear flank to the bumper makes the rear look a little bulbous too. smooth it out and it will be a handsome little sedan. 

wonder what a sportwagon version would look like?

Akash Gura Goredo said... »April 05, 2012

Excuse my ignorance, but this looks more to be coming from Hyundai's "fluidic design" ventures than from Nissan...

jarooo4 said... »April 05, 2012

Headlights from Opel Astra and the whole back from Elantra? Whats going on with designers in the last time...

Jim said... »April 05, 2012

Man i  thought it was a facelift elantra, what are you doing nisssaaaan.....

IzzyFy said... »April 05, 2012

HAHA! you are either one of 3 things... a 12 year old, a girl or an idiot. Your reply was so useless due to the fact that I just showed you up on your comment that it wasn't even necessary. Sweety? dismissed? Really are you in middle school? Again did you not see me say you should corrected me on the only LUXURY car. (which is due to the fact that you did not read the full sentence correctly) As it was based on my opinion? (When I say Infiniti doesn't come close, Im talking about the type of vehicle not design wise). 

You missed two things in my statement: "to me" and "seems" two words/phrases that shows opinion.
Oh yea don't expect someone to say something on here, and think that you have the only right to say something back and when someone replies I'm suppose to "deal with it". If I don't like it, then I can reply. Opinions work both ways. I don't have to deal with it. 

You sound like a teen or a child or something trying to just argue. 
probably don't even own a bmw.......

I guessed this is where you are "dissmissed"?....

Chris said... »April 05, 2012

This Car is the ugliest car ive ever seen! Infiniti is done!

Rick said... »April 05, 2012

Do not like it at all. Too many wavy curvy hard cuts with sharp corners. I'm dizzy and seasick from looking at it. I do not like the pointed downward angled corners of the rear bumper. That shoulder cut line is reallllyyyy odd and overdone. Getting a Lexus grill with Hyundai cut lines and rear end makes Infiniti now an overdone mess of waves that copies others.

Toronado_II said... »April 05, 2012

Infiniti, Hyundai, Mazda and even Mercedes with his new A-Class have a similar DNA... Hard to find a specific design !

Sufkop said... »April 05, 2012

Looks like a nineties concept - ugly. You're weird if you disagree. Enough said.

Sufkop said... »April 05, 2012

I'm a 12 year old - so stop stereotyping us - i know a guy who nearly had sex once (he was 11 back then...)

Badtattoos said... »April 05, 2012

c'mon guys .. it's so hot .. who doesn't want a car with a sandwich wrap grill? 

Sufkop said... »April 06, 2012

I do - and it's hot because someone set it on fire...

Lord said... »May 13, 2012

 I agree..their G lines are line...I just love the new M thoough ..just beautiful...but I just hate the QX and JX...they don't make sense to me..the QX looks like it was modded up with walmart auto parts...

Lord said... »May 13, 2012

Don't like this design....feels incomplete ... I really love the M & G cars...but I am afraid that in trying to achieve a signature look...they are starting to put "Chubby cheeks" on their cars...

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