New Mercedes-Benz Citan Van is a Renault Kangoo in Disguise


Mercedes-Benz has lifted the curtains off its new Renault Kangoo-based Citan delivery van several months ahead of its first public outing at the 2012 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover this September.

The Citan is the first project to come out of the partnership between Mercedes-Benz's parent company Daimler and the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which was formed in 2010. The new Mercedes van will be produced at Renault's factory in Maubeuge, France, where the automaker assembles the Kangoo.

The production version of the Citan is much less Mercedes and far more Renault that what the German company's teaser sketches initially suggested.

On the outside, the Mercedes van gains a similar front end to the latest A-Class with bespoke hood, front fender and bumper designs. Inside, whereas the German firm's renderings showed a unique interior with two deeply set instrument gauges and SLK-like round air vents, the production Citan's dashboard features a more utilitarian design that keep's the Kangoo's instrument panel.

The front-wheel drive Citan will be available in three different lengths: compact at 3.94 m (155.1-inches), Long at 4.32 m (170-inches) and Extra-Long at 4.71 m (185.4-inches). There will also be three separate models including a panel van, a crew bus and a passenger version called Mixto.

The choice of engines at launch will include three turbocharged diesels with direct-injection and a standard particulate filter with outputs ranging from 74hp (75PS) to 109hp (110PS), and a supercharged petrol engine generating 113hp (114 PS).

A BlueEFFICIENCY package that includes an ECO start/stop function, battery and generator management, plus low rolling resistance tires will be standard on the petrol model and optional on the diesel variants.

Five- or six speed (depending on the engine) manual transmissions will transfer power to the front wheels.

Mercedes said that all Citans will be equipped with an Adaptive Electronic Stability Program that takes the vehicle load into consideration, as standard.

The new Citan will reach European dealerships before the end of the year. The company said it has no plans to offer the compact van in the United States.

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MiralDesai said... »April 16, 2012

They could have at least touched up the interior to give people the idea that this is still a Mercedes. Oh well, great business for Mercedes provided everyone finds out it's based on their car and that they produce, and bad reputation for Mercedes because of the look/feel of the car and interior. 

Sushi Ninja said... »April 16, 2012

They don't actually look to bad, considering they are only designed for postman. Not as nice as a Kangoo though

Ben said... »April 16, 2012

what bad reputation? this is a merc, regardless of how much they rip you off with the price, their gonna sell these like hot cakes

Anonymous said... »April 17, 2012

Not as nice as the Renault. Lots the kangoo's character. Even at the back while this new interior on the MB is not as nice

Guest said... »April 17, 2012

That is one cheap looking Mercedes. Oddly enough it looks even cheaper than a Kangoo. Even if I was in the market for a compact utility van, I'd rather buy the Kangoo over the brand image tarnishing Citan. Further proof Mercedes-Benz cannot keep up with Audi and BMW, or even Volkswagen.

jarooo4 said... »April 17, 2012

For goodness' sake this isn't a limousine! It's a commercial vehicle. Citan is created in order to ride and serve well, not to look good.

Peter said... »April 17, 2012

epic fail. who wants to drive a mercedes would never drive a renault...

exige said... »April 17, 2012

im assuming youve never been in mercedes commercial vehicles before, they arent nice on the inside and than again they arent supposed to be its a commercial van. As far as Mercedes' reputation their passenger car interiors arent all that nice either until recently many have stated how cheap the plastics look and feel in many mercedes products...

AnOld BlackMarble said... »April 17, 2012

Also known as the Dacia Lodgy

I wonder how much more you have to pay for that grill badge?

MattNZ said... »April 17, 2012

No, it's not also known as a Dacia Lodgy.

Kmi62 said... »April 18, 2012

Why not replace the three-pointed star with a $ sign? A shame to see such a revered brand prostitute its heritage.  

MiralDesai said... »April 18, 2012

I'm wondering this too. If the price point is very close to the Kangoo then fair enough, they have a market. If it is much higher which is what I'm expecting then I don't know how they are going to sell any.

Bartholomew said... »April 28, 2012

The cars shown above are very nice. Its design and color is awesome.

corporate said... »May 04, 2012

Know Citan, the new van of Mercedes Benz. Its rear-view mirrors are from FICOSA

The other side said... »June 24, 2012

I was pissed too about it being a renault with a mercedes badge slapped on. However, if there is one LAV (leisure activity vehicle - a popular class of car in Europe consisting of things like the Ford Transit Connect, the Fiat Doblo, and many many others) unwhich to base a "mercedes", the second gen kangoo is the best choice. It may look goofy (they all do), but most EuroCar magazines rate the Kangoo as head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality drive and refinement and most everything else - (top gear gives it a 7/10, which is quite high by their standards).

Rossetts Commercials said... »August 31, 2012

Regardless as to who helped build the van, the point of the Citan is to join the small van market.  The Citan is a very good looking van, the grill is taken straight from an A Class Mercedes. 

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Rossetts Commercials said... »September 07, 2012

Interested in the Citan Van? Follow us on Twitter @TeamRossetts:disqus  to keep up to speed. We are the first dealership to launch the Van in the South of England on January 14th 2013.  Visit for more information. 

Jimena Quiroga said... »September 18, 2012

NO VALE, yo pensando que se habian roto la cabeza 

Anglesey said... »December 10, 2012

How to debase a once-good brand . . . Renault is infamous for producing junk . . .

xcel malt said... »December 13, 2012

looks very nice, will love to buy one

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