New Photo Gallery of Scion FR-S Plus Videos that Details the Development of the Subaru BRZ


As the two North American versions of the Toyota 86 rear-wheel drive sports coupe, the 2013 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, begin arriving in dealerships across the States, both automakers had something new to share with us this week.

On its behalf, Scion dropped a fresh gallery of high-resolution photos of the FR-S, which starts at $24,200, while Subaru released a pair of videos that explain the work that went behind the scenes to develop the BRZ that is priced from $25,495 in the U.S.

You can check out both the extensive picture gallery of the FR-S and the two Japanese videos with English subtitles of the BRZ right after the break.





Hongya81 said... »April 25, 2012

My next car~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3Deuce27 said... »April 26, 2012

I have been around, over, under, and through this car... twice.  It has the potential to be the sports car to have, for great fun in the twisties, much like the Miata/MX-5 of 1989.

 The team(s) that engineered this vehicle, seem to have adopted similar performance targets as the engineers of the MX-5, and more importantly, the same ethic.

exige said... »April 26, 2012

Honestly this car is pretty underpowered for the price but it looks pretty badass in that one pic  of the black one with the body kit. But when you get a Genesis for the same price and 70 more horses or a Mustang or Camaro with 100 more horses for less money, or even a Speed3 for the same money it just seems like a hard sell unless you really like the styling of this car. Dont get me wrong I know sports car are more than just power but it should at least be competitive with similar cars in the same price range from a performance stand point...

ssss said... »April 26, 2012

The black one in pics 24 and 25 looks superb. What version is that? TRD?

JohnCarscoop said... »April 26, 2012

 Scion/Toyota didn't say, but if I'm not mistaken, the black car you mention is equipped with the optional Five Axis Design sports package

Nick Hebert said... »April 26, 2012

Regardless of how fun it is to toss around.. straight line performance is clearly underwhelming. I don't see any reason the torque or hp could not have gotten a healthy bump without while keeping the same price and them sacrificing slightly less cake they will rake in from each one. Once they add power and start out around 30k, this will no longer be a semi-budget mans car and the people shopping in that price range will already have much more tempting options. They will shoot themselves in the foot for not realizing this.

Moses Mbutha Mwangi said... »April 30, 2012

Great car but not for a family!

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