Poll: Should Lamborghini Build the Estoque Sedan or the Urus SUV?


For the past few years, Lamborghini has been swaying left and right to find a suitable third model to expand its range of sports cars that currently consists of the V10 Gallardo and the V12 Aventador.

Today, we had our first view at company's latest effort to entice the public, the all-new Urus SUV, after images of the concept leaked early ahead of a scheduled world premiere at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show on April 23.

Back in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show, the Italians had previewed their idea of how a low-slung four-door sedan should look like with an impressive concept named the Estoque.

Even though it's been nearly four years since its debut, Lamborghini officials aren't yet ready to cross the Estoque from their list.

This brings us to this week's poll question: with what you've seen up until now, which of the two Lamborghini concepts would you desire to see in production?

Since there's always the possibility that some might like to see both cars built while others would say no to both, we have also added these two options in our poll that follows below.


Which Concept Should Lamborghini Build?




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AnOld BlackMarble said... »April 20, 2012

Sedan!  Sedan!  Sedan!  Sedan!  Sedan! 

jaloptar said... »April 20, 2012

Both! Both! Both! Both! Both! Both!......:D

1mala said... »April 20, 2012

Neither, built a 2door coupe with 4 seat first.

Can't Think of a Better Name said... »April 20, 2012

I know many people will probably disagree with this but I do prefer the SUV's styling direction as it seems to flow more while including abstract, wackier shapes, something which Lamborghini should be about. The sedan doesn't seem as mad as the SUV and is clearly a little more clean and sensible styling wise. It doesn't seem as 3 dimensional and doesn't really show as much depth as the SUV. At the same time, if they both share a modular platform, I would love to see both in production.

SgtBeavis said... »April 20, 2012

It doesn't really matter since I wouldn't by either, even if I did have the money.

However I totally dig the Estoque.

Brandon said... »April 20, 2012


aaronbbrown said... »April 21, 2012

The Estoque Sedan is beautiful, most exciting sedan to hit the market this century.

Ben said... »April 21, 2012

the estoque of course, who the hell is going to take a lamborghini SUV with 20 inch wheels off road anyway?

Jeroen said... »April 21, 2012

I love their sportscar designs, but these two concepts are not Lamborghini worthy. I'm not agains sedans or suv's, but I expect a lot more from the designers than this.

jarooo4 said... »April 21, 2012

Estoque for me is one of the best cars ever made so it will be a shame if it will be only a prototype. Lambo should boiult it. I hope Lambo and the whole VW-Audi group will understand that.

kachuks said... »April 21, 2012

If they're going to price it like a Lambo then the Urus will have a limited customer base.  Not a big market for 6 figure SUV's.

The Estoque will sell better but have plenty of competition from the already well selling Panamera.  

klowik said... »April 21, 2012

The SUV is more practical and will attract more sales, and we'll see more on the road esp those rich couples with small family.

john1168 said... »April 21, 2012

That suv is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.  Seriously, I think an old Aztec looks better.
The sedan however is awesome!

Anonymous said... »April 21, 2012

Everybody has mixed fealings, I think, if you build it...they will come. obviously nobody would take the suv off road but lamorghini has always been about status quo type of car and having the fastest suv in production would be nice for them, considering it won't be to expensive.

George Presic said... »April 21, 2012

The Range Rover Autobiography V8 S/C Start at $126,665.oo and the Porsche Cayenne turbo starts at $107,000.oo so there 1,000's of people out there that would buy a 6 figure SUV's and the Porsche is ugly to me I would take the Estoque any day over any of the SUV's. but in the end I think it is the people who buy the car that matter.

George Presic said... »April 21, 2012

The Range Rover Autobiography V8 S/C Start at $126,665.oo and the Porsche Cayenne turbo starts at $107,000.oo so there 1,000's of people out there that would buy a 6 figure SUV's and the Porsche is ugly to me I would take the Estoque any day over any of the SUV's. but in the end I think it is the people who buy the car that matter.

Jonathan Katz said... »April 21, 2012

There's a much bigger market for the SUV, then the sedan.  I think they need to build both.  They only have 2 cars, and with Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Range Rover, Bentley pumping out  super expensive machines so quickly, they need to get moving or else get left behind.

Blarg! said... »April 21, 2012

People bought the LM002 before.

Smallenpik said... »April 21, 2012

Lamborghini shouldn't build the both of them. I'm really sad that Lamborghini even suggests them as a prototype. Lamborghini should build racemonsters. 2 seats, a steering wheel, some breaks and a hell of an engine. They shouldn't have to build anything more (accept for the tractors) because that would be taking the wrong side road (back ally -ing) form going towards the main objective: Sticking it to Ferrari. Something I think they are very good at. (and I'm a Ferrari fan)


noreg12 said... »April 21, 2012

No one. They are both very good examples of bad ideas, where it is taken random elements from the existing models. Look at the cayenne and the Panamera, which probably led the way to this "bullshit". We have also witnessed the SUV from Bentley.The company with the most humble name, also makes the most stupid cars.

Sfo12 said... »April 21, 2012

Definitely The Estoque. Classy Design Icon Already imo. The urus is so fugly.

Wayne Kile said... »April 21, 2012

I just voted on this, and think that Lambo should make the Estoque sedan....but now I think about Porsche, and the Cayenne paved the way for the Panamera, so I guess the Urus could pave the way fore the Estoque???  

thenextfoose said... »April 21, 2012

the estoque looks like the most badass sports sedan on the road...and its a bit more practical that the suv

Nelson Auto News said... »April 21, 2012


Mayermm said... »April 22, 2012

Urus is a smarter idea:
4-door coupes are already produced by Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, Mercedes.
However, the only competition to the Urus is the BMW X6. A wayyyy bigger oportunity with much less threats.

Ben said... »April 23, 2012

LM002 is a tough beast, its purpose built and doesnt have 20 inch wheels...i suspect this is going to be driven by some artists who know nothing about cars..

Earl said... »April 24, 2012

It'll be nice to see and expensive Audi-Volkswagen dressed in Italian clothes. If it expands the line and perceived prestige and quality are factored into the equation. I think people who can afford it, and are willing to pay for such a vehicle will buy it.

Aca BG said... »April 24, 2012


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