Toyota 86 Makes its D1GP Debut in Japan…and Crashes!


We all know that the Toyota 86 (or GT86/Scion FR-S) was not made for outright power and top Nürburgring lap times but for having some fun behind the wheel of a nimble sports car. One of the things that the 86 is happy to oblige with is drifting thanks to its rear-wheel drive setup, limited-slip diff and a stability control system that can be fully deactivated.

It goes without saying that the modern-day hachiroku would participate in pro drifting series. But while the standard boxer may be satisfactory for road use, for racing, more power is needed.

Manabu “Max” Orido has already replaced the stock flat-four with a Lexus IS-F-sourced V8. Of course, the former JGTC GT300 class champion was present at the D1 Grand Prix drift series premiere to please the crowds with his drifting skills.

Another contestant didn't have a V8, but a pair of turbos slapped on the boxer engine. He didn’t have much luck, though, as he lost control of the car during a badly executed drift and ended up hitting the barrier and damaging the 86's rear end.

You can watch both the crash and Orido-san videos right after the jump.



Polyester Poontang said... »April 14, 2012

Aaronbbrown, tell us why?

8LiterV8 said... »April 15, 2012



Ugly said... »April 15, 2012

Hmmm.... and professional drivers too!

Does the handling bite after a certain limit? Or have those killer Ninja floor mats returned again?

Oh said... »April 15, 2012

That was actually really funny. (no sarcasm)

Usayd MR said... »April 15, 2012

one correction, the other 86 was not a bolt on turbo, it's an engine swap to EJ25

Hibino's Up Garage with DRooP 86 running a 600+ HP AVO special Cosworth EJ25 motor

3Deuce27 said... »April 15, 2012

More power to race?  You can road race/Drag race with any amount of power.  Drifting, which 'is not racing', does require enough power to break the tires loose at will in a competitive format,.  

Anybody who pushes the limit is going to have an incident eventually.  It happens on race tracks and surface roads on a daily basis by pro and good amateur racers.  I have made the trip off track and road, many times, sometimes with a little help.   The key is to not hit anything solid, or be hit by anything solid...and luck. 

3Deuce27 said... »April 15, 2012

Love that V-8 conversion, it has to the first one in the world...Kudos!

Sushi Ninja said... »April 16, 2012

Toyota says they are making a car all about handling and driving feel and it crashes! Good on you

City0880 said... »April 16, 2012

nice idea.. thanks for sharing...

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