Honda CR-V Driver Loses Control and Flips Over at the Nürburgring Circuit


True, anyone can go to the Nürburgring in Germany for a quick lap around the world's most famous racetrack, but that doesn't mean they should overdo it as common sense says they must be cautious and know the their own as well as their vehicle's limits.

Plus, what looks like a regular, previous generation Honda CR-V equipped with a…sic bull bar isn't exactly the type of vehicle you’d like to push too much at high speeds on the Nordschleife.

The driver of the Japanese crossover lost control of the vehicle as he came out of a quick corner and ended flipping over the guardrail. The accident, as you can imagine, is a very scary one indeed.

According to one of the people that caught the crash as it happened and posted the video on YouTube, the two passengers of the CR-V were in "relatively good" condition, a claim that we can't verify.

Story References: YouTube via Jalopnik



Luis Teran Corella said... »April 09, 2012

first of all... i hope they´re ok, and whats a raptor doing in the nurburgring??

George Presic said... »April 09, 2012

WHAO! it look bad..

Blarg! said... »April 09, 2012

The Nurburgring is a public road and a Ford Raptor has every right to be there as a CRV does.

At least the Raptor actually made the turn.

KHM5 said... »April 09, 2012

At least he doesn't have to pay for the armco!

pb said... »April 09, 2012

 And next question.  A CRV?  at Nurburgring?

cayco said... »April 09, 2012

The person driving the Raptor was Tanner Foose from Top Gear America according to his facebook profile the last weekend.

cayco said... »April 09, 2012

Tanner Foust sorry

T2X said... »April 09, 2012

Hi everybody. I'm from switzerland, and can speak perfect german and swiss german. I have read some entrys at YouTube from this clip. The driver want really drift with this car! The co-driver has claims before the accident that she and the driver try to drift. 2 houres before has a Porsche lost oils, and the roadway was cleaned.

Bingo said... »April 09, 2012

LOL, typical cr-v driver.

kachuks said... »April 09, 2012

It must have been the extra ballast in the rear.  Seriously, what the hell was all that s**t in the back seat?  Was this guy moving out of his apartment and decided to make a stop at the "ring" for kicks?

Nelson Auto News said... »April 09, 2012


AnOld BlackMarble said... »April 10, 2012

Wife:  Honey, when are you getting home with the groceries?
Husband:  Not any time soon, they are all over the Nurburgring. 

Jesse said... »April 10, 2012

Typical BMW driver to not stop and help the wrecked crv

Braddo said... »April 10, 2012

Show how these urban suvs are able to bite back so quickly. They rollover easier than a trained dog... I just see this as - 1 CRV down - 999,999 to go

Sergio said... »April 10, 2012

 I dont see any other car stoping either...

Andy Dufresne said... »April 10, 2012

Tag sale at the ring!

JJ said... »April 10, 2012

Because you aren't allowed to stop. 

Roadside-helper said... »April 10, 2012

You've obviously never been on a track, nor do you understand track rules.
Stop to help a crashed, oh OK
Why not just go play in the local express way. Why do you think corner workers are there????

Sergio said... »April 10, 2012

exactly, just wanted to point out the stupid comment

Psiqtas said... »April 10, 2012

Wow, that looks spectacular, very hard landing...

Dylan See said... »April 10, 2012

I hope the 2012 C-RV  has better handling.

MiralDesai said... »April 12, 2012

What of the biggest problems with any 4x4 or this little fake 4x4's. I refuse to call them SUVs. Don't know why. Anyway.. that was some flip. 

3Deuce27 said... »April 13, 2012

 Thanks again Sergio for your unbiased objectivity.  Unfortunately, most comments on this site are pretty juvenile.

3Deuce27 said... »April 13, 2012

Any you leave the tarmac your going to dig in the tire and rim and dramatically upset the dynamics of any vehicle.  This is why nobody should drive at high speed without a helmet for all occupants, especially when doing road work. 

Years back at a track day, I witnessed a flip by a guy in t-top Trans_Am, the tops ejected and his head was bouncing on the track.  Luckily _fortunately required_ he had on a helmet that saved his life.  Better seat belt adjustment would have helped in that situation.  Tighten those belts when driving at risky speeds.  

3Deuce27 said... »April 13, 2012

 Drive the new Mazda CX-5, Miral, it puts real handling in the small SUV segment.  The CX-5 eats up corners with gusto.

PaulDavid said... »April 21, 2012

What was that jap-crap driver thinking?

mmurphy said... »April 22, 2012

Too bad the person with the second video (19 sec) pulled their camera down at the best part; didn't get to see the major roll. Don't quit your day job & become a news videographer.

mmurphy said... »April 22, 2012

Looked like a pinata popping.

Any injuries besides pride?

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