Another Alleged Sudden Acceleration Incident from South Korea, this Time Featuring a BMW

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After an alleged sudden unintended acceleration crash involving a latest generation Hyundai Sonata YF in South Korea spread like wildfire across the news, the local media discovered a supposedly similar incident concerning a BMW model.

And like the Hyundai accident, the terrifying BMW crash was also filmed from a dashboard mounted camera.

The video shows the car gaining up speed with the driver swerving through traffic on the highway to avoid crashing for about 20 seconds but in the end, he smashes into another vehicle that had slowed down due to traffic. This event took place in South Korea on November 5, 2011.

As with the Hyundai episode that is being investigated, we do not know if the BMW crash was caused by driver error, a problem with the accelerator pedal itself or perhaps even a misplaced floor mat.

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Hat tip to KK!