Buy a Scion iQ, get a Sony PlayStation Vita for Free


It would have definitely been of much greater interest if you could buy a PS Vita and get a Scion iQ for free, but unfortunately, it's the other way around.

As part of a new promotion that runs from May 1 through July 31, 2012, and with the note "while supplies last", those that buy a new Scion iQ in the States will receive a PlayStation Vita for free.

Pricing for the for the 2012 iQ starts at $15,265, excluding a delivery, processing and handling (DPH) fee of $730, while last time we checked on Amazon, Sony's new 5-inch OLED screen portable gaming system starts at $249 for the non-WiFi version.

“Scion is very proud of the iQ’s intelligent and functional design,” commented Jack Hollis, Scion Vice President. “Similar to the PS Vita, the Scion iQ comes loaded with premium technological features, has a focus on functionality, is concentrated into a suitably small package and most importantly is tons of fun."




diesel_vdub said... »May 01, 2012

Just what I always wanted... a $15k handheld gaming console and a car to go with it.  Think I'll pass....

chang long said... »May 04, 2012

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

Jack said... »May 18, 2012

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