Designer Envisions the Upcoming Ferrari F70 Supercar


You have probably seen our most recent scoop pictures of the prototypes of Ferrari's Enzo replacement undergoing tests in Europe, but what could the actual production version look like when the new model, reportedly named the F70, hits showrooms in late 2013?

For now, this is a question that will likely remain mercifully answered, but we have an interesting design study for the Ferrari F70 that was penned by industrial designer and current employee of Pininfarina's German subsidiary in Rüsselsheim, Constantin-Gabriel Radu.

The concept borrows elements from both the Ferrari 458 Italia as well as the previous Enzo, combining curves with hard creases and a teardrop glasshouse. If this design were to be produced, we would imagine that the car would obtain more air vents both on the sides and more importantly, on the rear end.

Before we let you flip through the rest of the images, we will remind you that at last week's Beijing Motor Show, Ferrari previewed its new HY-KERS hybrid system that's bound for the Enzo's successor and which links a V12 engine to a pair of electric motors, one to power the car's auxiliary systems, and the other to drive the rear wheels.

It is believed that that combined output of the twelve cylinder engine and the electric motor will surpass the 900-horsepower mark.

Photo credits: Constantin-Gabriel Radu




James said... »May 01, 2012

That is very... ugly. Was this guy trying to mimic Picasso?

Sushi Ninja said... »May 02, 2012

Are you kidding? It looks hell good, although quite similar to the P4/5 limited edition (but that can't be a bad thing, surely)

RGT said... »May 02, 2012

Ferraris keep getting uglier and uglier. I hope they lose the shitty headlights they've put on the 458, FF and F12berlinetta. They should also go back to 4 tail lights like the older ones. The 360 and 550/575 were the last good looking Ferraris.

Catalin said... »May 02, 2012

I find it interesting, but Ferrari has a habit lately to make gorgeous designs are opposed to controversial designs like other automakers do. So I think the real thing will be look better.

reputation tarnished said... »May 02, 2012

Oh dear god, please don't let it look like that!

Neinfectat De Comunism said... »May 02, 2012

it seems that Romanians have a very good eye for auto design...keep going, let the haters eat their own v.o.m.i.t...

Hugh Jorgan said... »May 02, 2012

Great looking car, but didn't Romans design the original Ferrari?
What is this thing about eating they do that in eastern Europe.

Neinfectat De Comunism said... »May 03, 2012

no, in western europe they eat their own vomit whilst being on state benefits for the rest of their life..

ssss said... »May 03, 2012


Gary Bendrey said... »May 04, 2012

Advances in design by Pininfarina and Zagato et al have always broken new ground and looked unusual in the beginning, only to become styling icon's later. I'll buy one for myself. My ex gets nada, her attorney's never found the money.

chang long said... »May 13, 2012

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

Grijze Pilion said... »June 01, 2012

The car looks very hot, but the pics are done very poorly.

Grijze Pilion said... »June 01, 2012

The 360, 550 and 575 were the last Ferrari's that weren't hot. That's a fact and you can't change it.

Grijze Pilion said... »June 01, 2012

I live in Western Europe and it's the best developed part OF THE WORLD. State benefits? 

Grijze Pilion said... »June 01, 2012

OMG! What an ugly car! I like the headlights, though.

PAYBAK said... »June 18, 2012

Think I just sicked in my mouth. Looks like some fiberglass kit car you buy from catalogue. No thanks.

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