Jeremy Clarkson Says No New Top Gear for 2012, will be Back in 2013


Bad news for those of us expecting to watch the original Top Gear on our tellies as Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed the rumors that there will be no more episodes of the show this year.

"There's a rumour in internet land that there will be no more Top Gears this year. I'm afraid that apart from an Xmas special, it's true," Clarkson wrote on his Twitter account.

On the bright side, Top Gear, which also features Richard Hammond and James May, will return with new episodes in January of 2013.

"We will be back in January," said Clarkson, who added, "The good news is that the longer we have to make the films, the better they will be".

As for the reason why Top Gear is taking a break, Clarkson pointed the finger to Simon Cowell and his high-rating show, The X-Factor.

"Would love to be back in the Autumn but Sunday nights then will be full of fat people singing," he said. "Top Gear is a medium sized van. Cowell is a juggernaut. When he has finished his singing competition, our new series will start."

Story References: Twitter/Clarkson via Jalopnik



BigFan said... »May 09, 2012


Snellgrovia said... »May 09, 2012

This is pathetic. A singing show? Don't we already have like 15 of those? I am so sick of all this singing, dancing, rapping, CRAP!!!

Johnny & Kelly said... »May 09, 2012

So move it to another fah-kin night! Simon Cowbell, suck a big old bag of d!cks.

Lupica George said... »May 09, 2012

Simply killed by the announcement...

On the other hand, does this mean that 2013 will see a longer season of Top Gear?

Really! said... »May 09, 2012

Must be trying to get a little attention for the show, or contract negotiations are at an impasse or on hold.  Simon is too greedy to let an income source, stop.

john1168 said... »May 09, 2012

WHAT THE FU?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The Man said... »May 10, 2012

Yeah! we need a solid 13 episode plus Special continuous series per year if they want to cut down on Top Gear, I hate that they went from 10 episodes to just 7 per series.

BazZtarD said... »May 10, 2012

I cannot say I am going to miss him/ them... Bunch of whining little girls 

Interstatex said... »May 10, 2012

The faster these 3 fools exit the building the better, dads army on wheels

ericlim said... »May 10, 2012

We need the Chinese Woman who killed a man by squeezing his testicles to persuade Simon Cowell to stop his shows so we could see Top Gear!!!!!

Ben said... »May 10, 2012

they could just borrow fifth gear's channel right? 

Gionormal said... »May 10, 2012

forget simon and his shit - we are ttired of amateur singers getting laughed , 15 season of american idol, now this shit

ssss said... »May 10, 2012

Well that sucks. Who watches those stupid singing shows anymore?? There's so many of them, what is even the difference?? Top Gear is the best show on TV, I hope they come back fast!

At least make a DVD or something in the meantime.

Asd said... »May 10, 2012

why?You were selected for the finals and you're afraid of not appearing on TV?

Confucius said... »May 11, 2012

 Complain here:

Confucius said... »May 11, 2012

 Go and vomit your worthless opinions on a website that cares what you think.

many1982 said... »June 23, 2012

all this stupid singing programs doing nothing good. making 100s psudo-pop-stars and the we never hear about them again coz they rubish.

Anonymous said... »July 06, 2012

Ya ya sad but end of the day the movies that they do like going off road on jeeps and traveling all ober doing tests on cars is well better lid but i will say watching x factor is funny looking at all the sad dicks who are a waste of my fresh air trying to sing is funny there parents shouldnt be allowed to have kids

Weeesdasd said... »July 16, 2012

Damn you Simon Cowell !!!

Anonymous said... »July 19, 2012

who the hell would want to watch x factor over top gear. this is stupid. Come on BBC, your way bigger than ITV.

Anonymous said... »July 20, 2012

Put it on another date or time for Christ's ain't rocket science!

Toni said... »July 28, 2012

Top Relic is the true name of the program.

Anonymous said... »August 01, 2012

Top gear is the best ,I'm so addicted to the show ,the three stooges are so funny the tall one ,the short one and the g,,. one .show the program in the autumn you watch people wil record x fucktor on their sky ,TiVo box.

Yourname said... »August 18, 2012

That`s . Bomb singing show and bring back TG. 

DA GEST said... »September 05, 2012

Simon cowells singing show is on ITV not BBC, Just start the show already, Simon cowells show is a fix anyway, the contenders at the start have to be picked from 1000s just to go through to the audition, they already know who they want, the reason why I mention this is because the news can travel and lose ratings and audience so that top gear can get more ratings and more viewings cause the presenters are barmy!!!

gazza the gooner said... »September 16, 2012

Tog gear was the saviour for many of us from Cowell's Crooning cranks, something has to be done to make sure this never occurs in the future!

Anonymous said... »September 16, 2012

Cowell has sold his soul to devil. Top Gear over crappy X Factor any day including Sundays.

SAC said... »September 16, 2012

Top Gear is way better than X Factor.  Jeremy, Richard, and James are more interesting and fun than Simon.  Why should there be so many imbeciles watching X Factor rather than watching Top Gear?

Jrxbox2005 said... »September 28, 2012

What!! 2013 :(

Anonymous said... »October 01, 2012

My name is Richard Nice and quite simply this is not fo king good enough, get Hammond to open up some more supermarkets and get May to make some more documentaries about Lego, not sure what Clarkson can do maybe sell some of his many pairs of jeans, then we can just buy that cheapskate Simon out altogether. If you need a little extra I have a tenner in pocket could stretch to a score. Come on people sell your children if you have got any cash to spare, we have got a Sunday night to fill. Richard Nice

John Garratt said... »October 05, 2012

Top gear is 1 of the best programmes ever made it doesn't take it's self to serious there is always shite on tv on Sundays we need top gear back now

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2012

Top Gear is a stupid pointless childish excuse for a car programme! We have to watch 3 numpty goons play half assed jokes on eachother every week!!.....
I love it :-)

Jim Brantley said... »November 20, 2012

Jeremy Clarkson is a rude, anti-American, nationalist, pig. Which is exactly why those of us in the United States love him...he is us. As for pompous Cowell, well, what can one say? He's a bore at best. Besides, Top Gear's 350 million viewers should have more say than some hack music producer...don't ya' think?

johnny johnston said... »November 21, 2012

This is to set corrected those few ignorant, boring stupid shits bad mouthing Top Gear, the most unique, entertaining show on the BBC. Especially the ignorant fuck who has the audacity (ignorance ) to go by Confucious!
Anyone disparaging Top Gear has not the mental capacity to enjoy, nor understand Top Gears brilliant humor, ball busting jousting, and their motoring philosophy's, nor respect the outrageous dangerous cross country trips, trials and tribulations they do for our entertainment, as I gurantee 99% of the Pig Mouth Simon Cowell would not do it nor me, except when i was young and in the Vietnam era Army.. Its clear the shits talking shit realize the high IQ it takes to come up with, produce all their wildly entertaining barrage of brilliant stunts, ball busting, quips, and all the great banter, humor used by the trio. Especially by the master of wit, Mr. Jeremy Clarkson.
I will say their calling the U.S. "the colonies" is in bad taste, but shows their total irreverance which makes them so special in all the boring English tv fodder feed the world. Perfect example the likes of the foul Simon Cowell (rhymes) who is the most un-entertaining, pompous, disgusting phony ass hole to ever get a tv show. To correct his foul behavior, he needs flogged by a whales penis on Top Gear after made to run naked around their track ( in December) with a carrot up his rectilium. Now that'd be a proper beginning for Top Gear and a proper ending for a turd called Simon Cowell and his pathetic wanna be's herd of brainless pigs.
Kick Hi Ass Jeremy or get your SAS guys to water board him for 5 years.

johnny johnston said... »November 21, 2012

Damn Straight

johnny johnston said... »November 21, 2012

Your the relic besides Clearly a boring, ignorant dick head to talk shit about the most entertaining by popular vote due top Gears 13 years of shows proves they rule, & you lose

Heather McCall said... »November 26, 2012

Gutted at the news of no Top Gear until 2013 I watch TOP GEAR all the time from my new home in the USA...I used to live within hearing distance of the track where they test all the cars in the village of Dunsfold and watching these 3 guys helps me not feel so homesick here in the mountains of North Carolina....

joe said... »December 20, 2012

the only good stuff on tv is top gear and all the other shows can screw off and simon can fuck off im tired of his shit

Marc S. said... »December 20, 2012

I'm kind of glad, it's given us a chance to watch a real car show "5th Gear".

Thomas Barrow said... »December 30, 2012

thank goodness i thought top gear was over

mark parker said... »January 08, 2013

This show is the only reason i pay my TV license. so why don't i get a say in what id like to watch? also, why is top gear on bbc 2? and why is such a popular show so easily left to sit on the bench just because snooker is on? or what ever reason the big wigs decide on. if i was the chief big wig then topgear would be on every night. id have more people working on the show too. example.... people hosting the show in the studio and people hosting the show outside doing mad stuff and doing the big films.... intact id make a topgear channel 24/7

Juseki said... »January 22, 2013

I watch top gear religiously on BBC America. During 2012 it was wonderful to look at old episodes with a few oddities thrown in for good measure, but I do miss the real top gear with all three presenters. Simon Cowell stinks. He was stinky before messing over Top Gear. Frankly, Top Gear is the best program to ever come out of the BBC, with the exception of Dr. Who which we also get in America. Losing Top Gear In 2012 is similar to the departure of the Ponds on Dr. Who. You people over in the UK need to flush Simon Cowell. We think he stinks over here, and we've had experience. Don't ever invite him back on top gear either. Just let him continue running His little amateur hour TV shows. Is that the best that can come out incredible UK? What a huge letdown. The best, most Internationally popular TV show on BBC and they have to skip a full year? It's unconscionable.

Juseki said... »January 22, 2013

So don't watch it you stupid idiot!

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