New Gallery of 2013 Cadillac XTS Sedan with More than 50 Pictures


It is only a matter of weeks, if not days, before Cadillac begins U.S. sales of its new flagship XTS sedan model that will hits dealerships with a starting MSRP of $44,995, including destination.

Today, we have a fresh batch of high-resolution photos to share with you, which preview the Cadillac sedan in new shades and from different angles.

As a quick reminder, the 2013 XTS is available exclusively with a 300-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine matched to a six-speed automatic transmission that drives the front wheels, with an all-wheel drive system offered as an option.

Cadillac tells us that the front-wheel drive XTS achieves an estimated fuel economy of 17mpg in the city and 28mpg on the highway, while the AWD model returns 17mpg and 27mpg respectively.

Aside from the base model, the XTS is also available in three more trim levels named Luxury, Premium and Platinum.





Christopher Veda said... »May 22, 2012

After looking through the gallery, it is obvious that this car should ONLY be available with the larger of the two wheel sizes.  The red car looks ridiculous with those smaller wheels.  I don't care if it's AWD, it looks awful.  Really goofy.

Anonymous said... »May 22, 2012


JohnnyR said... »May 22, 2012

If you hide the rear on the side view, the rest of the car looks like a compact hatchback in proportion. Not really the point of the car. This doesn't look like a luxury car. Hood is diving way to much and is too short, same for the front overhang... Looks small and almost MPV like. Come on GM...

johnnyR said... »May 22, 2012

 Same wheels on all cars but photoshoped on the grey and blue ones, look at the wheel/body clearance.

Alex said... »May 22, 2012

Inbefore people complain about how this is an unworthy flagship for Cadillac - the XTS is aimed at the Lexus ES which enjoys considerable sales and has been recently overhauled, and it perfectly adequate for that role.

Teverett335 said... »May 22, 2012

Maybe I am crazy but it looks like it is sitting on the Buick Lacrosse platform.  It has the same proportions. 

Astro said... »May 22, 2012

Proportions on this car are all wrong.

Toronado_II said... »May 22, 2012

This is the Lacrosse's platform. And more I look the pic, the more I prefer the Buick....

Spamism said... »May 22, 2012

It doesn't look bad in #46, the blue on polished 20's is quite nice.

Can't Think of a Better Name said... »May 22, 2012

Wait, if this replaces the DTS as Cadillac's flagship, does that mean we might see an XTS hearse?

Spamism said... »May 22, 2012

For the 100th time, the XTS is not and will never be "Cadillac's flagship".

Google "Cadillac Omega platform" for that.

Can't Think of a Better Name said... »May 22, 2012

@Bill O'Reilly using crappy internet alias,
The Cadillac Omega is the XTS's successor model's platform, meaning the XTS is currently the flagship for the Cadillac lineup. The current XTS is underpinned on an expanded Epsilon 2 platform. Either way, the Omega will soon underpin the next generation XTS meaning the XTS will still be the flagship. 

Rushbut said... »May 22, 2012

i don't know...for all of cadillac's art and science, out there design efforts this thing looks...well...boring...and sort of GM generic. Very odd choice for the market it competes in.

Spamism said... »May 22, 2012

@ speaking of crappy internet names,

"meaning the XTS is currently the flagship for the Cadillac lineup."

If by flagship you mean out-pricing the ESV, you're wrong. Whatever the XTS is priced at, it won't come anywhere near $65K USD. Thus, the ESV is the present Cadillac flagship.

Even if there was a second generation XTS, there won't be any justification to put its price anywhere north of $50K USD.

Bluntly, the XTS is a stop-gap.

Keegan said... »May 23, 2012

It looks too much like the Buick LaCrosse that it's based on, no matter how much Cadillac/GM try to disguise that fact; and for that, I'd take the Buick and save the extra cash. 

Guy Sumyung said... »May 24, 2012

Nice looking for the most part... but that huge gap between the headlights and the grille bothers me.
In some photos... the car looks like it has the expression a person makes when they are thinking about what to say before they say it.

Guy Sumyung said... »May 24, 2012

yes... it kind of looks like a station wagon hatchback fast back at some angles... that is thinking about what to say.

Really! said... »May 25, 2012

Cadillac stylists pretty much nailed this design.

  Nice marriage of 'cab-forward' and classic sedan architecture while retaining current Cadillac design language and mark identification.

Kiyoshi Manabe said... »August 12, 2012

That's the resurrection of shoddy old "badge-engineering" trick of 1980s.
The Buick Lacrosse seems much more sensible for me.

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