Reckless Gypsy Horse Racers Cause Chaos on Irish Freeway


One of the last things you expect to see on a busy freeway is two people racing horse-pulled carts yet this is what happened in Ireland when two gypsies or as they are locally called, Irish Travellers, took to the roads.

We do not have specific details on when and where exactly this somewhat surrealistic incident took place, but video footage that has been circulating around the web shows the two men riding their sulkies all over the road, even entering the opposite lane in complete disregard of approaching traffic.

A police vehicle tries to push the men in the carts into the right lane, though evidently, there is so much one cop car can do without support. The person that uploaded the footage claims that one racer was arrested while the other managed to get away. You can watch the clip in the video after the break.



europeon said... »May 07, 2012

Excuse me, but that is profiling... those don't look like gypsies to me - and I know how gypsies look like as I'm living in Eastern Europe.

Peter Leonard said... »May 07, 2012

I'm Irish, and I can tell you, they are members of the traveller community, or what others my referr to as gypsies. Eastern European gypsies might look different. But if we are looking to pick at faults in the story, that is NOT a freeway! It is a road.

gcdriver said... »May 07, 2012

Irish Travelers, colloquially known as "pikeys" in Ol' Blighty.
Their behavior is not much different from what you're used to.

Paul B said... »May 07, 2012

Fabulously disciplined horses.

Douche_McGee said... »May 07, 2012


Guest said... »May 08, 2012

The correct name for them is "Knackers"

They're nothing but scum....

Jjwithman said... »May 08, 2012

ok, how about the right term is migrant gypsies who travel a lot.

Jpginaz said... »May 08, 2012

They used to be called Tinkers, in the '60s & '70s.  Interesting that there was not a woman to be seen.  Looks like they may have been racing each other but it puts the horses and innocent bystanders at risk

Cathy Walker said... »May 09, 2012

They're not just animals...they have feelings too and we need to respect them as living creatures made by God.

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UK Stu said... »May 09, 2012

Somebody told them there was an old fridge and washing machine just down the road.

Wehate said... »July 10, 2012

Send the lot of em to a remote island.

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