Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept Picture is Most Likely a Photoshop


The latest word on the street is that Renault plans to preview a concept model for a spiritual successor to the Alpine sports coupe series this Friday during a special ceremony in Monaco for the 50th anniversary A110 Berlinetta.

The unconfirmed news was quickly accompanied by a supposedly official image of the study named the Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept. While the story on the debut may hold true, we are not fully convinced that the picture is real as it could be a photoshop of Renault's 2010 Paris Motor Show DeZir coupe study.

There are some things that raise a few red flags such as the absence of the plastic grille on the right side of the car as well the use of certain photoshop tools to alter the green background on the top right corner and to clone parts of the road on bottom left corner of the photo.

Thanks to Bruno for the tip!

Photo Credits: Motorsport-Magazine via Sport Auto





Bruno Miguel Rodrigues said... »May 21, 2012

Still it looks so good! eheh

And with a V6 with around 400bhp... /me drools

Let's put this car next to the Citroen Survolt Concept!

Andrew Popoola said... »May 21, 2012

I like the blue one.  Please build it.
Thank you.

Lord said... »May 21, 2012

WOW...this is OMG cool...

Syed T. Hoda said... »May 22, 2012

CREDIT your real source.......instead of pretending YOU figured out it was a photoshop....asshats. 

JohnCarscoop said... »May 22, 2012

We always give credit when due. Carscoop has proved many photoshops over the years. It's not the first, nor the last time we do it. If you had taken a moment to check out the article, you would have read that we pointed out all the 'wrongs' with this picture in detail.

Syed T. Hoda said... »May 22, 2012

honestly...i'm not buying it.  Your post directly followed my post by a couple of hours...uses the exact same photo, and was tipped to you by somebody.  I'm getting used to my content being stolen now...i guess this is my welcome to the "big leagues". 

Bruno Miguel Rodrigues said... »May 22, 2012

Keep up the good work John! Can't understand how someone can accuse you of stealing the "idea".

All other websites are saying this just leaked into the internet today, when in reality CarScoop was one of the first showing this image yesterday!

Will Pullenayegum said... »May 22, 2012

Only 1 wing mirror

Alientour said... »May 22, 2012

Hi guys. In an article of Le Figaro, a french newspaper, we can see a picture took during the developement of the Alpine Concept. And this picture confirmes the article of Motorsport Magazine.

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