Terrifying Crash in South Korea Splits Hyundai Sonata in Two


A fatal accident that occurred in South Korea was captured on film by a car's onboard camera.

From what we can tell, the driver of an older generation Hyundai Sonata either crashed or lost control of the vehicle and passed onto the opposite side of the freeway where he collided first with a Kia Sportage crossover and then into a minivan at high speed.

The collision was so severe that the Hyundai broke in two. According to a translation provided by YouTube users, the front passenger of the Sonata died immediately while the driver and the two rear passengers made it out alive but injured.

We would appreciate it if any of our Korean readers could provide more details in the comments section.

WARNING: The following video is not for the faint-hearted



Android167 said... »May 15, 2012

Kia Sportage, not Sorento... :)

Woobbo said... »May 15, 2012

There were only two people on the front in the Sonata.
News says 'one dead, three drivers were injured' so I think the other two drivers in Sportage and the minivan, which is called Kia Pregio, were injured, not the one on the rear seat of the Hyundai.

Triggerman said... »May 15, 2012

can you read?

Nelson Auto News said... »May 15, 2012

rest in peace :S

Rushbut said... »May 15, 2012

You guys, really? A video of a person's death? Not cool. Nuff said...

Car_Lover said... »May 15, 2012

does this open questions on saftey and build quality of the korean cars?

Teverett335 said... »May 15, 2012

Yeh, I don't think anyone could have survived in the back seat of the Sonata. 

Teverett335 said... »May 15, 2012

I personally do not mind these types of posts. It gives people a dose of reality about the risks of driving.  When I worked as a designer for the highway department, first thing in the morning on a regular basis,  I would receive a list of highway fatalities with their details. It wasn't fun to look at but it was important understand how such accidents happen and how we can prevent them. 

sjwr said... »May 15, 2012

There is something mentally unhealthy about Carscoop repeatedly posting such death related videos almost every other day... Unless Carscoop has a clear point of view of their own to make about the incidents, they really should try to find better articles in the future...

pcurve said... »May 15, 2012

Horrific.  r.i.p...    It was a pretty bad crash for the Sportage driver, sheesh.  Hope s/he is ok too.

J said... »May 15, 2012

How tasteless can this site be to post something like this? Would you want the whole world to stare in awe at YOUR death?

None said... »May 16, 2012

I don't find any problem with CarScoop posting these articles, in fact i like they do this.
It makes people realize the REAL DANGERS OF DRIVING in the real world, so they don't take it light, be serious and respect laws. No bullshit, reckless or drunk driving please.

SpeedFreak43.PH said... »May 16, 2012

This is ridiculous...

Pete said... »May 16, 2012

Seriously, if you want to become a crash-expert, see fatal accidents and more, there are other websites for this. Carscoop-Readers once came here to get the latest scoops, see nice cars, or just some random auto-related news and information. 

With all these horrifying crash videos, a pile of junk from the horrifying streets of Russia (what has a collision of a drunk guy with a car, who than gets beat up by some hardass to do with cars anyway?) and more, this site has become more and more unattractive. 

After years of checking on a daily basis, I'll be gone for good soon if this doesn't change.

Ben said... »May 16, 2012

this is CARscoop, they post anything related to CARS, because this is a CAR accident, you clicked into this, watched the video and then complained, 
why dont you STFU, bookmark 9gag, and dont ever come out...

Jean said... »May 16, 2012

another Hyundai Sonata..this is the third in less than a month.

degi said... »May 16, 2012

korean cars (or products for that matter) were and are never going to be built to the same standards as other manufacturers.. they merely copy, mass produce, and mark up... oh and build it at a lower standard

Timo said... »May 16, 2012

carscoop can´t sink deeper...

Timo said... »May 16, 2012

...and carscoop is about to crash itself. 

will wong said... »May 16, 2012

Wow what a POS. A Euro wouldn't have broke up like that.

Johnny & Kelly said... »May 16, 2012

Brutal! Here in the states, the news media feeds off tragedy, but only
after the fact, never showing the event.Showing videos like this could
save lives by potentially checking reckless driver attitudes. We're a
nation of "out of site, out of mind". Our society feeds off violence for entertainment, so why not show true violence that can affect any of us at any time?

Mig said... »May 16, 2012

Ridiculous people! Carscoop is just showing what happened with the cars. It would be totally different if they were showing dead people, blood or something like that. This works for people to understand the daily risks of driving. This is not about showing death and it is not about making it for fun. Don't be wimps. If you don't want to see these kinds of post, simply don't. The title of the post says enough for you to know what kind of post it is.

Spamism said... »May 16, 2012

I think the Sonata did well for itself.

Find me another car that can take TWO seperate collisions at 100KPH from the side and remain in one piece.

I'm sure Hyundai, like every other automaker, designs a car to safely take ONE side-impact.

Shevro said... »May 16, 2012

schmm said... »May 16, 2012

Google is right, humans should not be driving.

Lord said... »May 16, 2012

how can a car split in half like must be horrible build quality....

Lord said... »May 16, 2012

just horrific...i just hope there was no one in the back seat....

bd said... »May 17, 2012

Yeah, there never have been American, Japanese or European autos that have been split in 2 (or worse) after a horrendous collision.

Get real.

Sushi Ninja said... »May 17, 2012

I'm not surprised the driver died - God Above that puts me off buying a Hyundai

Pete said... »May 17, 2012

Understand what? That there are fatal crashes happening every day? If you are not a new arrival from a distant planet, these videos educate: NOTHING. It is pure and unethical voyeurismus which can be satisfied on other websites quite well. And not seeing bodies is one thing, but knowing that people died is part of the problem. This is not your average "see this guy bumping his Avantador"-video, this is violent and brutal, including fatalities.

Do not justify your need for these clips with "education". "don't read if you don't like" may be a good advice, but for more and more long year readers of CARSCOOP, this will count for the whole page, not only for these entries.

However: people seem to dig this crap, banners are sold, so it will go on.

Philip Clark said... »May 17, 2012

You misspelled "American".

Pete Low said... »May 20, 2012

holy shit!

Joke R said... »May 28, 2012

You are living in the past my friend... like the early 90s. The best period to live in.

Stillsittinghere said... »May 31, 2012

Is there a more effective demonstration of how truly dangerous our autos are?  No one really thinks about how violent a collision can be while cruising in today's cars that ride so smoothly, so quietly that they seem to float above the road.  Carscoop isn't exploiting the death by showing bodies or blood.  But surely anyone who views these videos can see how dangerous our roads can be and can also see that being a good driver isn't always enough.   We need to be proactively defensive by being very cognizant of every vehicle around us as well as any coming from the opposite direction.

Buka said... »August 22, 2012

Check what often happened to pre-2004 model year Audi A6. You're talking about the korean cars but look what made that shitty Hyundai split in half - another korean car, Kia Sportage. The thing it that the new cars they manufacture are biult jus as well as german or japanese cars, often with a higher standard (not kidding, compare Sportage to Tiguan) and tougher structures. Some of them even look better, especially if you compare to Toyotas or VWs.

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