This Could Very Well be the World's Smallest Fire Truck


Most of us are used to seeing massive red fire trucks speeding down the road when there is an emergency somewhere nearby.

A big red truck is also what YouTube user Tespadeinator was expecting to come around the corner of his friend's house in the small town of Nobleton in Ontario, Canada, when he heard the fire sirens.

However, he was confronted with a rather comical sight in the form of this Lilliputian fire brigade, which according to the poster's friend, is a "legit fire truck". No word if they had enough water to put down the match that caught on fire.

Video follows below the break.



Zeddy said... »May 23, 2012

Does the guy use his own "hose" to put the fires out?

Can't Think of a Better Name said... »May 23, 2012

In Toronto at least, they have fire hydrants which pretty much allow the fire truck to attach a hose to the hydrant and get water pumped to the scene of the fire around every block, so there isn't a need for a tank at the back. 

S├ębastien said... »May 24, 2012

Smallest ?? You can't be serious, there's a lot of countries beside US :)
Look at few found there:,,

dumblikeyou2 said... »May 24, 2012

Nope sorry, there are golf-cart sized fire trucks on Fire Island (no joke) in New York.

wherethewindblows said... »May 24, 2012

 @ Sebastien
Get a geography book. Now get a brain. Canadians hate you btw.

Haiquan Ma said... »May 24, 2012

This fire engine (that could) must use a super soaker and step stool as standard issue...

Ronley Bowler said... »May 28, 2012

Those aren't trucks. But i still like the second one.

DavidRuck said... »May 28, 2012

Its an awfully slow fire truck. I wouldn't want to be depending on that thing to respond to a fire at my house. It looks like a slight crosswind would cause it to roll too...

Hugh Jorgan said... »June 04, 2012

You're both inmature idiots. This Canadian thinks.....try it.

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