The Ultimate Lamborghini Parking Lot

Feast your eyes on more than four dozen Lamborghini supercars of all sorts of colors, old and new, all parked in the same lot. Naturally, you will be wondering what's going on here.

Well, this fantastic gathering of Raging Bulls took place in a recent meet hosted by the Lamborghini Club of America.

Among other cars that you will see in the video that follows below are the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera, Diablo SV and SE30, many Murcielagos, Diablo, Aventador and several classics like the Countach, 350GT and the Espada.



CarolineFournier said... »May 04, 2012

Thats an expensive parking lot. The blue color on an LP700 is the best lambo ever.

CarolineFournier said... »May 04, 2012

This is when you see that even rich fuckers don't know how to park between 2 lines.

Afiqomp said... »May 04, 2012

Expensive parking load ...

Nelson Auto News said... »May 04, 2012

I close my eyes, i put my finger in the screen and I want a car....Wow! it a Lambo, it everywhere :P

Simeon Todorov said... »May 05, 2012

Is it just me, or there is one 288GTO in the back?! :D

scottyrob82 said... »May 05, 2012

 I tried it and ended up hitting the ground twice. I gave up.

LouInPA said... »May 07, 2012

What, no Countach?  That's the best one ever (except maybe a Muira)

Rafi said... »May 07, 2012

 did not see a Muira but did see at least one Countach!!

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