Woman Endangers the Lives of Men as She Refuses to Get out of Her Car on a Flooded Road


It's completely understandable that people want to save their belongings during a natural disaster, but sometimes, it's just better to let go when your life is in danger.

A woman, reportedly in the port city of Barranquilla in northern Colombia, was filmed trying to save her Mazda 626 during a severe flood. Instead of getting out of harm's way, she refused to abandon her car.

Several local men tried to talk her into coming out of the vehicle while at the same time holding on to the car so it wouldn't be taken away from the floods. The car was eventually pushed into the stream but luckily for her, with the help of a few good Samaritans, it stopped on the side of the road.

However, because of her stubbornness, the running waters swept away three men who were trying to help her. From the video footage , it appears that two of the men were saved but we do not know what happened to the third one.



tkindred said... »May 31, 2012

Stubborn or paralyzed with fear?  My mother almost drowned once and after that being anywhere near deeper water freaked her out. 

Hasta la vista, baby said... »May 31, 2012

Some people are simply too damn ignorant when it comes to the forces of nature. They keep foolishly believing they will win. Bitch should have been pushed farther into the stream. Hasta la vista, won't be back.

Suz said... »May 31, 2012

Nuts to busybodies and good samaritans. I would just be like, fuck the hell off, I am saving my car. She didn't "endanger their lives," they chose to go get all involved because they wanted to be suckups.

Frank said... »May 31, 2012

"Hijo de puta, marica."


Ben said... »May 31, 2012

im sorry what do you mean they choose to get involved, if you see someone on the street like this its common courtesy to help out, and that guy around the electricity pole endangered his life he couldve drowned, if it wasnt for that bitch he wouldnt have gone through such a situation
if it wasnt for these "suck ups" that bitch wouldve been long gone..

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