Custom Built E30 BMW M3 Touring with E36 M3's Straight-Six


Earlier today, we told you about a 1970s BMW 1602 Coupe turned into a pickup truck with an inline-six from the E30 325i that we discovered on eBay, but that wasn't the only custom Bimmer we found on the online auction shop.

Case in point this 1990 (1991MY) BMW 318i Touring that was transformed into an M3 Touring. Those of you familiar with the E30's history will know that BMW never built a station wagon version of the E30 M3, which was exclusively available in coupe and convertible body styles.

So how did this car come to be? It was created by a New Jersey based custom shop named 'My Build Garage' that specializes on German cars from the 1980s and 1990s.

To complete the conversion, the tuner bought a used E30 M3 Coupe racer that was written off after an accident on the track to use select body parts and an S50B30 3.0-liter straight-six cylinder engine with 282hp (286PS) sourced from the E36 M3 of the 1990s.

Custom touches include a set of classic, deep dish BBS alloy wheels, an EVO II like front bumper and a completely redone interior.

Right now, the highest bid on eBay for the E30 M3 Touring is $23,556.

A full gallery of photos from the build and the finished project follows below.


BMW-M3-E30-Touring-73BMW-M3-E30-Touring-74BMW-M3-E30-Touring-75BMW-M3-E30-Touring-76BMW-M3-E30-Touring-77BMW-M3-E30-Touring-78BMW-M3-E30-Touring-79BMW-M3-E30-Touring-80BMW-M3-E30-Touring-81BMW-M3-E30-Touring-82BMW-M3-E30-Touring-83BMW-M3-E30-Touring-84BMW-M3-E30-Touring-85BMW-M3-E30-Touring-86BMW-M3-E30-Touring-87BMW-M3-E30-Touring-88BMW-M3-E30-Touring-89BMW-M3-E30-Touring-90BMW-M3-E30-Touring-91BMW-M3-E30-Touring-92BMW-M3-E30-Touring-93BMW-M3-E30-Touring-94BMW-M3-E30-Touring-95BMW-M3-E30-Touring-96BMW-M3-E30-Touring-97BMW-M3-E30-Touring-98BMW-M3-E30-Touring-99BMW-M3-E30-Touring-100BMW-M3-E30-Touring-101BMW-M3-E30-Touring-102BMW-M3-E30-Touring-103BMW-M3-E30-Touring-104BMW-M3-E30-Touring-105BMW-M3-E30-Touring-106BMW-M3-E30-Touring-107BMW-M3-E30-Touring-108BMW-M3-E30-Touring-109BMW-M3-E30-Touring-110BMW-M3-E30-Touring-111BMW-M3-E30-Touring-112BMW-M3-E30-Touring-113BMW-M3-E30-Touring-114BMW-M3-E30-Touring-115BMW-M3-E30-Touring-116BMW-M3-E30-Touring-117BMW-M3-E30-Touring-118BMW-M3-E30-Touring-119BMW-M3-E30-Touring-120 BMW-M3-E30-Touring-121BMW-M3-E30-Touring-122BMW-M3-E30-Touring-123BMW-M3-E30-Touring-124BMW-M3-E30-Touring-125BMW-M3-E30-Touring-126BMW-M3-E30-Touring-127BMW-M3-E30-Touring-128BMW-M3-E30-Touring-129BMW-M3-E30-Touring-130BMW-M3-E30-Touring-131BMW-M3-E30-Touring-132BMW-M3-E30-Touring-133BMW-M3-E30-Touring-134BMW-M3-E30-Touring-135BMW-M3-E30-Touring-136BMW-M3-E30-Touring-137BMW-M3-E30-Touring-138


KAG said... »June 26, 2012

I don't like the blue, but man I would use it as a daily driver

Marcolo Pololo said... »June 26, 2012

wow... im in love... <3 and im not even an bmw fan...

europeon said... »June 26, 2012

Horrible car, you don't put a splitter like that on a car that's clearly made for show.
But the chick, with that 80's outfit is something I'll dream of tonight :)

James said... »June 26, 2012

The pictures are in the wrong order... But me likey!

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