Lincoln MKF Concept Could Make a Compelling Rival Against the Mercedes CLS


It’s no secret that Lincoln has been struggling on many different levels over the past years - if not decades, with one of the more persisting problems being that the Blue Oval's sole luxury standard bearer has persistently failed to deliver in the design department.

The Ford group's answer to this problem was the appointment of former Cadillac exterior design Max Wolff as the head of Lincoln's design team last year and the creation of a new 40,000-square-foot dedicated studio in Dearborn, with the new MKZ being the first example of Lincoln's styling revitalization.

Moreover, Lincoln is also looking for young and emerging talents from colleges and universities by sponsoring projects. One of the more recent Lincoln backed concepts that caught our attention is the MKF from Brian Malczewski, an automotive design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

We don't have a description of the Lincoln MKF Concept, but the styling and proportions suggest an executive size sports saloon in the likes of the Mercedes-Benz CLS and BMW 6-Series Grand Coupe.

After you take a closer look at the sketches and photos of the Lincoln MKF Concept in our gallery below, you can head over to the comments section to share your thoughts on the design.

Design / Photo Credits: Brian Malczewski




Gary Bendrey said... »June 06, 2012

The Lincoln concept is advanced, but not cigar. The nose is very reminicient of a 70's Mercury Montego ( go look ) and what is with the gun slit window area. In college I owned a 1968 Torino GT fastback, a very good looking car in maroon with a white C stripe. Big problem with the rear visibility out of the nearly flat rear glass. I swore I would never again buy a car with such a huge blind spot. I think the bunker gun slit window treatment has been overdone already, get it fixed before our Govt nannies pass some stupid law on glass area required on cars ( as a ration etc )

Illreps said... »June 06, 2012

the new 2013 chrysler 200 is moving to rear drive on a new chrysler-fiat d-evo+ platform to compete with the germans. by the time lincoln finally design a competitor for caddy, chrysler will be miles ahead of both of them,well at least lincoln.

Justthinkingoutloud said... »June 06, 2012

Love it. Love the Lincoln emblem inlaid on the side there. I am not sure what to think about the front end...I'm in favor of nose dive drawing in the first pic over the perched lips. 

Anonymous said... »June 06, 2012

Looks like s***... just like all the other Models.

Hamspeed1 said... »June 06, 2012

I say don't change a thing but you know they will never come to market with an awesome looking concept as that.

Guest said... »June 07, 2012

IMO the NEXT car Lincoln needs to develope is a RWD based sport sedan to compete with the BMW 3-series, & the Infiniti G-series. They could get the bases of the platform from the next Mustang; this would also help Ford to spead out the cost of this platform by using it for more than just one model. Lincoln needs street cred and having a world class RWD sport sedan would be the best way to build it.

RGT said... »June 07, 2012

Very cool, but if it does ever make it into production it will dumbed down severely. 

GoFaster58 said... »June 07, 2012

Oooooooh!  Yesssssss!  Me want.

Anonymous said... »June 07, 2012

I'm just seeing a streamlined new Camaro. Meh

PHXSJAZ said... »June 07, 2012

Compelling?  Yes. Rival? No. Lincoln won't make this car or anything REMOTELY near this car's design language. 

Louis Phillips said... »June 07, 2012

looks great. lincoln needs a competitor to the caddy. i was thinking thery need a hatchback and 2 door version of the mkz and a high performance version of all three of those models just like the caddy did with the cts. this could be remodled a little to look like the current mkz but iun two door form all they need now is a station wagon/ hatchback of it and ill be ready to upgrade my new focus hatchback for the lincoln version hatch or stationwagon.

O123 said... »June 07, 2012

this could be the way to go, make something different, If you make a S class rival people will just buy an S class

AstonMartin said... »June 08, 2012

Very nice!  I am pleasantly surprised about the design language.  It has a very European look, combining elements of an Aston Martin Lagonda, Lamborghini Estoque and the Peugeot HX1, although with enough originality to make it unique. Its just what the Lincoln line needs and more.  Let be real, Lincoln is not on a comeback with the "new MKZ" - its lacks the styling & performance to make it a contender.  I recommend starting with a blank piece of paper and crafting a new line-up that embodies this kind of MKF originality for a younger generation.  I envision the following new lineup: Entry sedan with matching coupe, mid grade sports sedan, top luxury sedan & matching coupe, entry sport CUV, luxury SUV, 2+2 sleek & sporty convertible.  Clean designs that are distinct from their Ford heritage & visible parts bin.  Cadillac gets it - they understand that's its a new era & younger, more informed & more demanding customers are where the market has gone.  Cadillac in turn responded by  successfully making quality cars that people could become passionate about.  Lincoln has to learn that lesson and not half fix the problem by creating boring cars that are tied too heavily to the looks of their related Ford siblings.  Lincoln can draw inspiration from such a great heritage while moving forward.  Make it happen - time is ticking and this concept is a good start.  Hopefully the bean counters won't yield a completely watered down version of this MKF (I recommend loosing the letter designations - someone could make the mistake of switching those letters around for an awkward moment). 
Step up Lincoln - Bring the hot designs Maxx Wolff, I want to see the brand succeed.  

Paden Kosoff said... »June 08, 2012

the back has elements of the saab aero x. that concept is still the best concept ever

Alx said... »June 08, 2012


Miker2727 said... »June 08, 2012

this is a hot car

Sushi Ninja said... »June 09, 2012

Hooray! Another long comment (I hate comments that are essay long)

tanaka said... »June 11, 2012

Ford would be crazy not to build this. It looks like something that the design greats of yore would be drawing today and bucks the trend of the ugly average looking luxury sedan.

Nathan Guice said... »June 11, 2012

alot of the "gun slit" window design is from tightening side impact requirements. less glass means more structure to take an impact. I agree completely on blindspots, but with they are reducing the danger thru the use of technology with blindspot sensors and cameras (though people will eventually become too dependant on them, just like they are with GPS and end up driving a car into the ocean.)

Mrfremans said... »June 11, 2012

excellent design as well as Here [url]

Ditch Plains said... »June 11, 2012

With Lincoln, I've learned not to get too excited about their concepts. Remember the Zephyr, the beautiful Mark X, Sentinal or the endless Continental concepts? If history is an accurate predictor, the production version will be an emotionless plastichrome and bendy plastic monstrosity designed to coax geriatrics into the last car they'll ever own. 

Really! said... »June 18, 2012


Enough of this chunk. It has a snowballs chance in hell of even moving to a full size clay model let alone a running concept or production model.

Really! said... »June 18, 2012

'Disqus' is a mess

Really! said... »June 18, 2012

'Abuse Reports' really!

SCM said... »June 18, 2012

Paint it black, add a couple of wings, and you have the next Batmobile. Good job Lincoln! Now how about a car Americans might actually want to buy?

funkcity said... »June 21, 2012

Sure it will become less extreme. This is what a "Concept" is about. Amenities are always big in Lincoln vehicles. Give us RWD, keep it refined, offer it with multiple power options and keep all the other drivers luxury car features intact. You cannot use this roofline. But the Porsche Panamera, Corvette 4 door, Maserati, Aston and Jaguar 4 door cars are quite interesting. There is enough talent at Ford to compete....but will they? I think Cadillac is missing the mark now. It's time to react and re-invent.

iamderekw said... »June 22, 2012

Lincoln should just blatantly steal from Fisker. After all how much longer will they be around? Their cars look like what a Lincoln should be in the 21st century. And get rid of the mk whatever names!

Dominik Wasik said... »July 03, 2012

I would love to see that car turn into a limo omg that would be amazing

Jonathan Little said... »January 20, 2013

just out of curiosity read the article w/these photos, its not a Lincoln designs but an independent design for Lincoln. if it was 2 doors it world definitely be the next Batmobile, the new Lincoln Futura.

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