Russian Driver Scolds Cops for Not Wearing Seat Belts and Talking on the Phone


In what might one of the funniest encounters between a civilian driver and Russian police officers we've seen to date, a man captures two cops in a car completely off guard when he opens the window of his BMW (perhaps that may have something to do with it…) and tells them off for not wearing their seat belts and talking on the phone.

If you have 30 seconds to spare, hop over the break to watch the clip.



Frank said... »June 14, 2012

Cops are afraid of Russians in Russia.

Mother Russia said... »June 14, 2012

The extended video version shows the scolder being tortured and then shot.

Jose Martinez said... »June 14, 2012

i would like to try that but i live in new york..that was awsome.

Craig said... »June 14, 2012

Good for him. I often feel like telling cops off - for not signaling, etc. We have to keep telling ourselves over and over again WE outrank COPS!  THEY work for US. [No matter what little speech to the contrary some of them might regurgitate!] 

Psiqtas said... »June 14, 2012

To be honest...let the people decide, what they do in/on their own vehicles, no seat-belts on, no lights on a daytime, no helmet on head (cell phones exception) - it's their life, so You won't die instead them, so let them decide how to live their own life! Today's motoring is too stressed, too restricted with stupid and/or useless ideas that became mandate.

Jacko said... »June 14, 2012

YEH...untill they hit your kid coz there on the phone

Guest said... »June 14, 2012

when they hit your kid with while theyr'e on the phone, then you'll blame them for talking on the phone while driving...

BazZtarD said... »June 15, 2012

Hahaha what a boss...

Psiqtas said... »June 15, 2012

Don't have kids, but apart that I'd rather You to hit the correct dictionary first and read about understanding someones written text... "cell phones exception". Got my message now?

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