1991 BMW 850i with 6-Speed Manual and Only 11k Miles for Sale

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While not a barn find in the literal sense, with only 11,440 miles or 18,407 kilometers on the odometer, this 1991 BMW 850i Coupe might as well be one.

The seller, Denver-based 'The Motorsports Gallery', notes that the silver colored GT is a one-owner car with complete service records adding that aside from being upgraded with a Dinan Chip, a sports exhaust system, plus AC Schnitzer alloy wheels, it is completely stock.

"This car is free of any and all dents or dings, truly a time capsule car," says the seller.

According to the 8Coupe registry, the Bavarian company manufactured 30,621 8-Series coupes from 1989 to 1999, including 7,232 for North America of which the vast majority had an automatic transmission.

Indeed, a 296hp (300PS) V12-powered 850i featuring a six-speed manual is rare in the States, even more so with 11k miles, but do you think that it justifies the $47,500 (€36,600) price tag on the seller's website?

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