1991 BMW 850i with 6-Speed Manual and Only 11k Miles for Sale


While not a barn find in the literal sense, with only 11,440 miles or 18,407 kilometers on the odometer, this 1991 BMW 850i Coupe might as well be one.

The seller, Denver-based 'The Motorsports Gallery', notes that the silver colored GT is a one-owner car with complete service records adding that aside from being upgraded with a Dinan Chip, a sports exhaust system, plus AC Schnitzer alloy wheels, it is completely stock.

"This car is free of any and all dents or dings, truly a time capsule car," says the seller.

According to the 8Coupe registry, the Bavarian company manufactured 30,621 8-Series coupes from 1989 to 1999, including 7,232 for North America of which the vast majority had an automatic transmission.

Indeed, a 296hp (300PS) V12-powered 850i featuring a six-speed manual is rare in the States, even more so with 11k miles, but do you think that it justifies the $47,500 (€36,600) price tag on the seller's website?

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john1168 said... »July 30, 2012

WOW!!!  I always loved these and always wanted one.  I looked at some used ones on the internet but they were still veeeerry expensive. Which I was kinda expecting.

sold 2 me said... »July 30, 2012

I will take it for 47k as long as that sweet ass phone is included with the car.

Akira said... »July 30, 2012

This guy is dreaming... on european websites you can find the same model with around 80 000 km for less than 10k €, and if you really  want  low mileage I found a few with less than 40 000 km for around 18-20k €...

Joe Goulet said... »July 30, 2012

This thing was a technological tour de force back then...the Mags all went crazy for it when it rolled out. 

Johnel said... »July 30, 2012

 Very expensive to maintain this V12 engine, not to mention it sulfur related problems, and too nose heavy. Prefer the V8 840.  I wouldn't pay $47,500 for such an old car regardless of miles it has on. There's one listed on e-bay same mileage going for $29,000.

Kaveh Ghavim said... »July 30, 2012

Awesome car, only downside is the Grey leather.

Thegallerydenver said... »July 31, 2012

Thanks for the mention, car is for sale for less than the asking price.  And yes the phone is included. 

Dinodell71 said... »July 31, 2012

I suggest ownet check topgears car under 6000pound
hammond d idiot got one for dat price.
its a 20year old car you have any idea what it takes to arrange
spares for this baby?

Moldovan Alex said... »August 02, 2012

beautiful, just beautiful!

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