2015 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe Design Study: What do Think?


There is a debate going on right now, as to whether Chevrolet designers should make the next Camaro coupe, expected to be introduced in 2015, look more like a first-generation model (1967-1969) or the second-generation version built from 1970 to 1981.

But what if GM and Chevrolet were to take a different path and create something with very few, if any, retro touches?

This is where 22-year-old automotive design graduate from Lawrence Tech in Michigan, Tyler Bame, steps into the picture.

The young designer, who we first heard about back in April through a conceptual study for a new Ford Taurus sedan, has come up with a futuristic looking concept of the next Chevrolet Camaro coupe.

We'll let you check the two renderings of the exterior and interior of the car before you hit the comments section to tell us what you think about the design.

Design Credits: Tyler Bame



europeon said... »July 27, 2012

No chance in hell Batman will drive something like that.

Andrew Popoola said... »July 27, 2012

Nice, but unrealistic.  I like this and the Mustang that was shown some weeks back.  

Anonymous said... »July 27, 2012

Make it a monte carlo

Evan M. said... »July 27, 2012

My complaints about the currently model that need to change in 2015:
# 1 it needs better all around visibility # 2 It will need better fuel efficiency 

Chuck_Knut said... »July 27, 2012

Not bad at all!
This guy has talent.I can see some of the ideas implemented on a real next generation Camaro.
I hope he gets a job, he clearly deserves it!

donald seymour said... »July 27, 2012

I Like it! Its a concept which means no sacrifice concerning style. Its sexy. 

john1168 said... »July 27, 2012

A little cartoonish but it has a lot of potential.

SgtBeavis said... »July 28, 2012

The next Camaro needs to be LESS cartoonish, not more.  It also needs better visibility, not worse. 

bmwdrvr said... »July 28, 2012

im sorry if you need better epa ratings than almost 30 mpg in a 323 hp sports car...than you clearly need tobe looking at another segment of car.....

Really! said... »July 28, 2012

Raise the roof and windshield header.  Pull the facade down into an modified ellipsoid grille, angularly clipped at extants, or use the early seventies 'RS' grille plan, and you have a pretty nice doable design Tyler. 

The basic envelope is nice developed and detailed. 

Would like to see how you pulled all the elements together at the rear.

SwingtimeInTheRockies said... »July 28, 2012

Just make it lighter with a better interior.  The ability to see out of the windows mught be a plus, too.

Rlesser11 said... »July 28, 2012

The Roofline make the car look like a hatchback.  Its really UGLY!

amac said... »July 28, 2012

Interesting lines, but it's oddly proportioned. I don't think it's very attractive. And what's with all these concept coupes with the mile-long doors and mail slot windows?

Brucetrsh said... »July 28, 2012

 I agree 100%.  Sometimes too much of a good thing gets you drunk.  I'm not trying to accuse this designer of a DUI ( Designing Under the Influence ) but I'm just sayin'.  This ones proportions are way too exaggerated.  The originals were reasonably proportioned, and were just fine. . 

Hectorma said... »July 29, 2012

current style is great.  This is an incredible REAR WHEEL drive vehicle.  Yes better rear visibility would be a plus but keep the retro going!  Guess why this car is now out selling its competitors!  I would like ot the GMC  bring back the firebird (Trans AM) Version under the buick label (As pontiac no longer exists).  Maybe before they try a new still on the camaro they should introduce the Firebird!

Rileywilliamson87 said... »July 30, 2012

looks cool but it's not a camaro... I need to look at it and know it's a camaro like all camaro of the past it has something that keeps it looking the same put refreshed and new. 

Maxwellschlotter said... »August 01, 2012

I don't like the concept.  Keep it retro style!

Farmer0904 said... »August 01, 2012

I like it, I think it would make a great concept , just not a real car design. Rise the roof just a little bit and pull the front wheel in toward the door is all I think it needs to be a real looking cat

Wayne Durham said... »August 07, 2012

Chevy Camaro Owner and fan Of every model year. I even found the good in the 80s-90s models, but do not build this streched out ooking tune P.O.S..  GM you blew the roof off with the new camaro, so look back at why! 

Garrett Spicer said... »August 13, 2012

Theyre getting further and further away from it looking like a Camaro. Not a fan of the futuristic designs. Especially when it wont look like that anyway.

Kiyoshi Manabe said... »August 24, 2012

Non-nonsense evolution on design.
A repitition of retro design is a self-destruction of Camaro brand, I do assess!

Florentino Agusta said... »August 28, 2012

Don't do it.

Anonymous said... »September 16, 2012

Its just a model its supposed to look a little cartoonish

Latinbadboi6969 said... »September 21, 2012

Are you kidding me? If this is the next camaro im going to buy a mustang!

Afi Keita James said... »September 28, 2012

 You think that one is bad, this one is even worse.

JAddler said... »September 30, 2012

This new Camaro looks awesome. My question is, how much would it cost to buy something that is made to be so futuristic?

Richard_edwards said... »October 20, 2012

utterly and completely depressing - should consider another career.

Markus said... »December 07, 2012

Jestem za nowÄ… stylistykÄ… .Popieram concept 22 latka.

Camaro said... »January 12, 2013

well personally i don't like this look. Looks kind of lame...

CJ1993 said... »February 07, 2013

I first heard about the Chevrolet Camaro when the first transformers movie came out. And since then, I've loved the car. In my opinion, the design advances featured in this concept are too far foward for the current automotive industry. I know it's still two years away from when this concept is aimed at, but I feel that this particular design is still 5-10 years away from becomeing around the norm. I suggest that you don't completly re-design the camaro, like this person has done, but rather only a few elements of it. Essentially keeping it the same car underneath, but updating the look. Angular cars are coming into fasion with the supercars that are arriving in the market today, examples are the Lamborghini Aventador and Reventon. There are a million design opportunities to branch from with the current Camaro, and I feel that every one of these should be explored and exploited before the Camaro undergoes a complete overhaul.

CJ1993 said... »February 07, 2013

I actually like the other design more than this one. It still remains true to the current Camaro look. I could just look at it for not even a second and be able tot tell it's a Camero. Wheras this design, if it weren't for the Chevrolet badge on the grille and the word "CAMARO" on the side in big lettering, I don't think I would've been able to tell this was a Camaro,

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