Fiat Professional Releases New Panda Van

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Given that, not all professionals need a van as capacious as a Ducato or a Ford Transit to do their work, ever since the first generation of the Panda, Fiat has offered a van variant of its city car model.

After the release of the regular versions of the new Panda in Europe earlier this year, Fiat Professional has introduced a van model of the Italian city car, which is offered in two flavors, with or without the rear seat bench.

Regardless of the number of seats, both versions of the Panda Van are equipped with blacked out rear windows and a metal guard positioned behind the last row of seats to protect the passenger(s) and driver.

The two-seater model sports a retractable hard cover that forms a flat loading surface while also creating a second cargo area underneath, which can be customized according to the driver's needs.

At launch, the range consists of two trim levels, the strictly two-seater Pop and the four-seater with a folding rear seat bench Easy, both available with front-wheel drive and two engines, a 75hp 1.3-liter MultiJet turbodiesel and a 68hp 1.2-liter petrol unit.

In Italy, prices for the Panda Van begin at €8,850 (US$10,900) and rise to €11,700 (US14,400).