Kia Blows the Box Open on New 2014 Forte / K3 / Cerato Compact Sedan [Photos & Videos]


As soon as Kia placed the new K3 compact sedan at a mall in its home market of South Korea, we knew it was only a matter of time before the automaker would blow the covers or in this case, the box off the compact sedan model.

The first thing you need to know about the K3 is that it is a global model with the alphanumeric moniker used only in Korea where it goes on sale this fall.

In the first quarter of 2013, the sedan will begin arriving in North American dealerships as the 2014 Forte and in other markets as the new Cerato, with coupe and hatchback variants to follow in due time. We still do not know if Kia has plans to sell the compact saloon model in Europe.

"Longer, lower and wider than the current car, with an extended wheelbase, the next generation Forte / Cerato will be manufactured with an all-new bodyshell structure," Kia said in a short statement leaving many details up to our imagination.

However, given its positioning in the market and the styling cues, it is believed that the K3 is based on the visually related European market Cee'd, which made its world premiere in both five-door hatchback and station wagon forms at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March.

We expect more information to become available within the next few weeks, if not sooner.




Red Lightning said... »July 29, 2012

The new Kia Dart.

klowik said... »July 29, 2012

Definitely a Mazda3 killer!! The rear light looks a bit exaggerated though!

Yrrod2 said... »July 29, 2012

it looks like its bigger brother K9. Yes! their design Que.. but i am disappointed by their redesigning its interior from Ceed to K3. Why!! much more attractive in the US??.. Why!!

Dustin said... »July 29, 2012

Why longer? Why wider, even? Everyone seems to finally be getting that you can't increase the size of a car every generation, and now this.

It's nice, but can the shape of the current Koup be topped?

Med Ford said... »July 29, 2012

The current koup is def a good all around look, just enough aggressive angry stance too, I wonder the same, this one looks a bit more on the happy bubbly side (def like the current koup)

Ugly said... »July 29, 2012

Looks good... IMO has hints of Jaguar XF to it, which is good.

Alex said... »July 29, 2012

Very easily. The Koup was always an ungainly eyesore.

Alex said... »July 29, 2012

 If you look closer, you'll see some Elantra in there as well.

Marcuspetraska said... »July 29, 2012

nice design - but does suffer somewhat from subaru legacy disease. the wheels struggle to fill the large gaping arches.

carl said... »July 29, 2012

Looking good KIA

Roger S. said... »July 30, 2012

And Pontiac (profile) and Ford (tail lamps). Did they even try to be original?

bd said... »July 30, 2012

But the Dart was the new Rio sedan.

Taylorsville Auto Repair said... »July 30, 2012

Kia Dart is the new winner !! 

tomatoe said... »July 30, 2012

It's also looking very similar as the Opel Astra sedan, both very nice!

Ben said... »July 30, 2012

personally feel that car makers should make their cheap cars larger, i dont get why these days, most cheap cars always are so tiny, yes their easy to park and they look good
but their very small inside and not practical, just like those regular size and yet dirt cheap nissan sentras

Scary said... »July 30, 2012

Mazda 3 killer? That's quite a stretch. There aren't too many (or any) compacts in the US that can hold a candle to the Mazda 3 in many, many ways. However this look is good for Kia.

Jose cristian said... »August 02, 2012

disculpa pero es kia cerato hijo no elantra 

TheTRUTH said... »September 02, 2012

People need to think about what they are posting prior to posting it. The new forte may look like the dart, yes, they are both compact cars. From every posting of a korean car, i've seen comments of copying accusations that are never backed up with evidence. Why? Because people clearly cannot admit that korea is coming out with some good-looking cars. And, who on earth would try to copy the damn dart, that thing is has an unbalanced profile, if we're talking similarities, the dodge has the same side profile as the fiesta sedan (raised at the back wheels). Get your shit together people.

James Shaffer said... »October 23, 2012

Hot damn, these Kia's are starting to look nice.  Is that a Kia or an Acura? Looking more and more luxurious.  Good work

- James from

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