A Speculative Take on the Next Generation 2013 Toyota RAV4

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With seven years on its back, the current, third generation of the model series that kicked off the SUV craze back in the mid-1990s is well overdue for replacement.

But if the word on the street is to be believed, then we could see a new RAV4 making its debut as early as this fall before it hits showrooms either towards the end of the year or in early 2013, depending on the market.

A set of renderings sourced from Italian magazine Quattroroute attempt to give us an idea of what the next RAV4 SUV, which will likely be marketed as a 2013 model in the States, will look like.

The new RAV4's engine range is another mystery, though we expect that Toyota will continue to offer a choice of four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines in Europe, and a different four-cylinder gasoline unit in North America. Some sources suggest that the Japanese carmaker may discard the V6 option in America, but this is something we have not yet verified.

Story References: YouTube via Worldcarfans