Spy Shots: New BMW M3 / M4 Coupe Captured on Camera for the First Time

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We have already shown you prototypes of the next BMW M3 sedan and now we get our first look at the successor to the Coupe, which you probably know by now, is rumored to be called M4 as part of a proposed shake up of the automaker's naming strategy that may see the two-door model dubbed as the 4-Series.

Like the upcoming F30 M3, the M4 or M3 Coupe will drop the current model's 414hp (420PS) 4.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 in favor of a smaller displacement six-cylinder engine (likely a straight-six, though there have been reports about a V6), which may employ up to three turbochargers to deliver around 450-horsepower.

The new six-cylinder unit will not only be lighter and more powerful than the V8, but in line with the times, cleaner and more fuel-efficient as well.

BMW will offer a standard six-speed manual gearbox and an optional seven-speed dual clutch transmission with power being delivered to the rear wheels.

While there's too much camouflage going on with the prototype to have a clear view of what the M3 Coupe's successor will look like, we can make out the wider wheel arches, the beefy tires and alloy wheels that enclose massive brake disks, and of course, the quad pipes at the back.

The flagship model of the series will benefit from bespoke chassis upgrades and an M-trimmed interior.

The M3 Coupe / M4 is rumored to launch in mid-2014 with a hardtop convertible variant to follow shortly after.