Upcoming 2014 Alfa Romeo 159/Giulia Looking to Rival German Competition


Given Alfa Romeo's prior history, you should always take whatever you hear about the Italian automaker's future plans with a grain of salt.

This time, its UK magazine Autocar that has come up with a mix of new information and previously known details about Alfa's 159 replacement, which is currently referred to with its internal but not final name, Giulia.

When Alfa Romeo unveiled their 159 sedan (pictured above), it never truly compared to the likes of BMW or Mercedes in the executive sedan market. As time went by, the car itself aged and the Alfa Romeo brand began to struggle for solid sales numbers.

Now, with help from Chrysler, Alfa Romeo is looking for a way to emerge as a tougher competitor in key markets including Europe, North America and China with a new version of the 159/Giulia.

While no official details have been released on the upcoming model, it is expected that along with the stunning 4C concept, the Giulia will spearhead Alfa's return to the U.S. market.

The British publication says that the new model could ride on a reworked and enlarged version of the Dodge Dart's platform (itself based on the smaller Giulietta) with a longer wheelbase and a rumored independent rear suspension.

This means the Giulia would be a front-wheel drive model and possibly offer the option of AWD – not the best choice for a brand that became famous for its RWD models and which wants to rival BMW in the sporty sedan segment.

The petrol engine range will reportedly include a 120bhp 1.4-liter MultiAir, a revised version of the 1.75-liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit, and a new MultiAir version of Chrysler’s latest Pentastar petrol V6, though Autocar says this engine may not be offered in Europe.

Naturally, the car will be available with a range of Fiat's own turbocharged diesels in markets such as Europe.

The magazine added that Fiat officials are currently evaluating plans to build the new Alfa at Chrysler's Belvidere, Illinois plant as well as in China for the local markets, but emphasized that no final decision has been made yet.

2009-2010 ALFA ROMEO 159



europeon said... »August 09, 2012

What do you mean by "it never truly compared to the likes of BMW or Mercedes in the executive sedan market"? Based on what are you making that statement? Because if you think of anything else but sales figures, you are wrong.
As a 159 owner I can assure you that compared to the C-Klasse it's better in almost every way (except petrol engines). That is why I have got a 159 instead of a C-Klasse. From the road manners (both FWD and Q4) to the interior quality, Alfa is better than the Merc.

bmwdrvr said... »August 09, 2012

well almost everything is better than a c class thats just not even a fair comparison the c class has always a crappy little car frankly poor interior materials poor reliability poor resale value a mish mash of over light handling and way to firm ride. That doesnt excuse the 159 though from being a heavy slow, car thats more to fun to look at than it is to drive.....

Koto77 said... »August 10, 2012

Well...tell me what would be the residual value of your 159 in 3 years? Yep, that's what I thought.

Ros1972 said... »August 10, 2012

Still handles better than a 3-series, look it up it you don't believe me ;)
And it was heavy at the beginning, later models fixed both the weight And power issues.

bmwdrvr said... »August 10, 2012

Your right a FWD car that gets bashed in reviews, does handle the benchmark of all cars in its segment, oh and just FYI if your going to make up something that totally counters any review on the planet it might help if you dont put ";)" besides showing how little you know about cars in a car blog it also shows you cant be taken serious....leave that for 12 year old girls who are sending texts...

europeon said... »August 10, 2012

 Yeah, mine is about 4 years and I'd get less than a third for it (top spec model, loaded with options), but how is a prejudice that buyers have affecting the car's qualities? Look at the poster above (bmwdrvr), he's throwing some judgements based on... yeah, not really sure what they're based on either.
 @article author, I'm still waiting an explanation on what did you mean by "it never truly compared to the likes of BMW or Mercedes in the executive sedan market"

JohnCarscoop said... »August 10, 2012

It lacked in refinement, quality (especially when it came to details) and driving dynamics - not only against the 3-Series, but I'd dare to say even the Ford Mondeo. It wasn't a bad car overall and in my personal opinion, it remains the best looking sedan and station wagon in the D-segment. But looks alone aren't enough to make it the best car overall in a very competitive category.

europeon said... »August 10, 2012

 What is your experience with the 159 to say it lacks refinement and quality?

JohnCarscoop said... »August 10, 2012

George; I have driven most
versions of the 159 multiple times and if not all, most of the other cars in the
segment to compare it with for testing purposes.

europeon said... »August 10, 2012

 Fair enough, but I still think you are biased. :)

JohnCarscoop said... »August 10, 2012

I wouldn't say so. My assessment is based purely on facts. And if you must know, one of the first cars I fell in love with was the GT Veloce.

Kiyoshi Manabe said... »August 11, 2012

In Europe, this new-series Alfa Romeo would not be released with new Chrysler-origined V6 unit, this decision of FIAT Group seems somewhat curious for me. It is because the V6 version will be hard to meet new EU regulation of fuel consumption/CO2 rate, or not to stimulate Mercedes/BMW/Audi troika's "tigers' tails".....there's a room of speculation.

europeon said... »August 11, 2012

Maybe you were expecting a pre-FIAT era car. Even so, I stand by what I said: the 159 was on par with any "premium" german compact executive car, both in driving characteristics, reliability and construction quality, but lacking good petrol engines. And we all know that germans always exaggerate the spec of their cars, both performance and tech specs.

Holz Fuchs said... »September 04, 2012

^^ luv it

alfisti said... »April 14, 2013

I have a 159 and it is better to drive than an a4 or 3series BMW,but definitely not a 5 series. BMW's /fuhrermobiles have no passion. Italy is where it's at ladies

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