AutoVAZ Premiers New Lada X Ray Concept in Moscow

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At this year’s 16th annual Moscow International Auto Show, local carmaker AutoVAZ premiered one of its more impressive concepts to date, the Lada-branded Xray crossover.

Devised by all new design chief Steve Mattin of former Mercedes-Benz and Volvo Cars fame, the concept's new front-end seamlessly molds together the headlights and bumper into a sharp ‘X’ shaped design, a look that Lada says will be present in all future models.

Inside, the X Ray receives an equally edgy styling complete with a high-quality leather coated seating arrangement, along with a futuristic dashboard and infotainment system.

As it sits, the Xray is still in concept form, but rumor has it that we could see the new design style in the lineup as early as 2015.

AutoVAZ hopes that Mattin's expertise will bring the brand to the forefront of the Russian market beginning with their all-new concept.

By Jeff Perez

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