AutoVAZ Premiers New Lada X Ray Concept in Moscow


At this year’s 16th annual Moscow International Auto Show, local carmaker AutoVAZ premiered one of its more impressive concepts to date, the Lada-branded Xray crossover.

Devised by all new design chief Steve Mattin of former Mercedes-Benz and Volvo Cars fame, the concept's new front-end seamlessly molds together the headlights and bumper into a sharp ‘X’ shaped design, a look that Lada says will be present in all future models.

Inside, the X Ray receives an equally edgy styling complete with a high-quality leather coated seating arrangement, along with a futuristic dashboard and infotainment system.

As it sits, the Xray is still in concept form, but rumor has it that we could see the new design style in the lineup as early as 2015.

AutoVAZ hopes that Mattin's expertise will bring the brand to the forefront of the Russian market beginning with their all-new concept.

By Jeff Perez

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Asdsda said... »August 29, 2012

russian crap...

Alex said... »August 29, 2012

I wonder why in the English-language blog to post the news? Maybe in America or Europe are waiting for news about AvtoVAZ? These machines anywhere except Russia will not buy. And in Russia AvtoVAZ exists only thanks to crazy protective duties. This concept will never go into production. A AvtoVAZ and will continue to produce crap.

Spamism said... »August 29, 2012

I really don't care if AutoVAZ makes junk or not. They've made a concept car and I wanted to see the pictures.

Alex said... »August 29, 2012

Well, if someone is really interested, then it's understandable.

Jphalimi said... »August 29, 2012

Would you stop posting stupid comments about whether or not this or that is interesting ? I think your comments are way less interesting than this article.

I like the overall design of it, but the dashboard with this big text "Music" "Nav" etc looks very cheap. And their designers have weird tastes when it comes to choose colors for the seats... And the headrests look very, very thin for a concept car... But as far as the exterior is concerned, it has this Evoque-like feeling that makes it interesting to see in production :)

Kid_Voltron said... »August 30, 2012

People are just hating for the sake of hating, this car is actually very original and beautiful at that! Well done AutoVAZ!!!

jarooo4 said... »August 30, 2012

 "I wonder why in the English-language blog to post the news? Maybe in
America or Europe are waiting for news about AvtoVAZ? These machines
anywhere except Russia will not buy." Oh that's very interesting especially in compariotion with fact that AvtoWAZ (called in other markets Lada) sells vehicles in other countries. Even in Germany. So I think people are interested.

Dal said... »August 30, 2012

Looks interesting.  Don't think the colour scheme does it any favours (shades of brown and caramel remind me of the 70's - never a good connection!) but other than that - rather neat!

88 legiune said... »August 30, 2012

i don't like Russian cars- i believe nobody does(except marussia) but this concept looks cool, who knows maybe they would start doing something but crab, especially if they started to hire people from overseas....

Eu said... »August 30, 2012

 You are an idiot ! I have 30 years old russian things , and they all work very fine even today. Russian things are very strong.

Eu said... »August 30, 2012

You are wrong ! I have 30 years old russian things, and they all work very fine even today. Russian things are very strong.

Eu said... »August 30, 2012

You really are wrong ! I have 30 years old russian things, and they all work very fine even today. Russian things are very strong.

Alex said... »August 30, 2012

30 years ago, Russia was not, was the Soviet Union. Machines which were produced in the USSR and Russia vary in quality greatly. In the Soviet Union is doing better.

Alex said... »August 30, 2012

In Europe demand for AvtoVAZ so small that they ability to make some time to close its office. And half of sales, in my opinion, it gives a Lada Niva, cheap SUV for farmers, which is released in 1977, with no significant changes. If we show the concept Mazda, Takeri, then a year later, we see the new Mazda 6. If Acura shows new concept Honda NSX, then after a couple of years we will see a live car. Lada showed a concept, a beautiful concept, a good designer Steve Mattin, but they will produce Lada Kalina II. joylessly.

Alex said... »August 30, 2012

 Protective duties? Sounds like what France has for their brands.. oh and Kia's still owning them.

Alex said... »August 30, 2012

Coming into production 2040.

Alex said... »August 30, 2012

You are free to go back to your camel. But don't forget your AK-47.

Alex said... »August 30, 2012

 I do not remember, I entered in 2009, protective duties, so that would save AvtoVAZ from bankruptcy. How did it affect the cost of a car? Previously,
Nissan cube, with delivery to Moscow, was worth $ 7000, now $ 12,000,
but at the same time, AvtoVAZ was worth $ 7500, now $ 12,000, Skyline
R35 with a 2.5 liter engine, cost $ 15,000 and is now $ 30,000,
machinery with
an engine with more than 2 liters, in fact, no longer be imported, the
exception - Luxury brands: Lexus, Bentley, Mercedes, those who buy them
do not care about taxes. This is me talking about old cars, the age of 3 to 7 years. All new cars the same rose, from $ 3000 minimum. Imports of cars decreased by 3 times, Then AvtoVAZ was $ 400 million and 900 million of state credit. 1.3 billion! So what? They did not change anything or upgrade, and just raised the price! After all, they have more competitors were not. Now
Russia enters the WTO, the government promised that the duty on cars
will be reduced, but at the last moment introduced "salvage fee" to
compensate for the price reduction. Funny
situation: you're forced to pay tax on the disposal of the car, and
there is no recycling plants, and may also not have plans for their
construction. It will be necessary to change the user name, and then by the looks like I talk to myself. :)

arturon said... »August 30, 2012

 AvtoVAZ = Renault-Nissan

thevaz2108 said... »August 30, 2012

alex get a life you hate everything from russia and probably your a fat american boy who have never gon out of his room full of star wars toys

Benchracer said... »August 31, 2012

Does it matter that Renault/Nissan recently took controlling interests in Ladakh and that this is actually the face and design direction of the "new" Lada. This concept does not have to appeal to our Western tastes, it's intended to provoke interest primarily in Russia, considered among the faster growing car markets in world. I like the design and hope to see an entire line of new Ladas based on Clio and Megane platforms.

Alex said... »August 31, 2012

 LMFAO so nice I can call this one, I'm Russian, bitch

Hugh Jorgan said... »August 31, 2012

Who cares if you're a Russian bitch?

qwerty said... »August 31, 2012

Dacia Duster...

Tigerair said... »September 03, 2012

мудак! Россия освободила европу!

Tigerair said... »September 03, 2012

but if it is put in a series of lines of the plant - a handsome man. and if put to other manufacturers., then surely for that money I would rather have a German practicality, though not new, but the quality and no problems with spare parts!
car with a design to the 21st century. visibility fails. It assumes a simple finish. no amount of luggage. rear seats too small. design coarse. colors are terrible. generally exists harmony. and one wonders what this car for the student and his girlfriend. I would not buy it! I'm not rich enough to splurge. I'd rather have two practical and reliable opel ascona C, which will take me anywhere and if necessary, will leave behind many of today's show off! OPEL - DAZ AUTO) even 24 years ago)))

Hrnjakzoran said... »September 05, 2012

TNG ili Dizel

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