Awesome Singapore Apartments Let You Park Your Rides High Up in the Sky Next to Your Living Room


Looking for a parking spot in a crowded city can be a nightmare, and even though this problem can be solved by buying or renting a space for your car, one upscale apartment building in Singapore is really stepping up the ante by offering buyers a special treat with garages connected to their homes.

Enter the pricey world of Singapore's Hamilton Scotts 'Sky Garage Apartments', which includes one elevator for residents and another for their vehicles.

The biometrically controlled lift delivers your prized car right up to your apartment in an area enclosed by glass situated right beside the living room.

Of course, like anything else in this world, the 'Sky Garage Apartments' come at steep prices, which start at $7.5million for a two-car garage home and reach $24 million for the penthouses that boast four parking bays.

However, the company that owns the apartments believes there's a market for these luxurious homes.

"These buyers are very discerning, they have seen a lot," Leny Suparman, co-founder and CEO of Kop Properties told Reuters. "They are well exposed in the world, so they are looking for something that is unique and different."

Story Sources: BBC, Reuters & Today



R Baker said... »August 24, 2012

I really like that. I must have it.

Oh wait. Can't afford it.

AstonMartin said... »August 24, 2012

Want!  This is too cool. 

pcurve said... »August 24, 2012

Just make sure your gas pedal doesn't get stuck.

Old stuff said... »August 24, 2012

Same concept as the volkswagen towers in wolfsburg, just a lot smaller.

Ben said... »August 25, 2012

singapore land prices are nuts, thats why even rich people live in apartments

sirtrancelot said... »August 25, 2012

hope there's more than one lift. The wait for multiple residents moving their cars at the same time could be annoying.

Jaco said... »August 27, 2012

I'd rather stay in my house (with garage) in the suburbs...

Jerry said... »August 27, 2012

no~ you can play some music~ drink some coffee or go to toilet when you are waiting~ cos it just near your rooms~ 

Garage equipment for sale said... »October 23, 2012

I really like that idea! That way your car is always just be right beside you which gives you more security.  It also minimizes the space in the parking lot.

steven kidman said... »November 06, 2012

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Alex said... »November 12, 2012

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Riley said... »April 17, 2013

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