Meet Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne's Weekend Ride


When you are the chief executive officer of a large company that operates a variety of brands under its umbrella like Sergio Marchionne does as he heads the Fiat Group and Chrysler LLC Alliance, you have many choices when it comes to your personal rides – from petite Fiat 500s to exotic Ferrari supercars like the F12berlinetta.

For the Canadian-born Italian, one of the cars parked under his garage is a blacked out Dodge Challenger SRT8.

And how do we know, we hear you ask? Well, SRT president Ralph Gilles told us so and even shared a picture of the CEO's Challenger SRT8 on his Twitter account. Gilles said that Marchionne uses the V8-powered muscle car as his weekend joy ride.

So what do you say; do you approve of Marchionne's choice, and if not, which car from the Chrysler and Fiat group's stable would you select as your weekend driver?

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Story References: Twitter/Gilles via Jalopnik

Hat tip to Al Knesal!


Helcamino59 said... »August 10, 2012

 Approve! A gearhead CEO. That's 1 of the many reasons I bought a 300S. That looks like a limited 392 with probably every bolt-on from the Mopar catalog. Probably serial #001 too. Nice!

Wereys said... »August 11, 2012

Ferrari 458 spyder

Sorbs said... »August 11, 2012

Looks very much like the one I have. Awesome choice!

Hajime1990 said... »August 11, 2012

Im surprised that a (literally) Ferrari boss rides on a Dodge. Thumbs up.

Yavor Trassiev said... »August 12, 2012

He must have a serious reason to choose this over any Ferrari. But if he doesn't advertise Chrysler, who else will?

Psiqtas said... »August 12, 2012

PR just a pure PR Sergio...sorry, but some of Your "American"-brands decisions doesn't get with gearhead...

Watco Industries said... »August 24, 2012

It's what I would hope that he would choose for both Fiats survival and showing the world what a REAL car SHOULD be 300 SRT8 2012, 2009 was good but this better, kinda more grown up.

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