Scoop: New Citroën C4 Grand Picasso 7-Seater MPV Makes its First Appearance

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For the past few years, Citroën has covered the mainstream compact MPV market in Europe and other parts of the world with two variations of its C4-based Picasso, the regular five-seater model and the longer seven-seater Grand Picasso.

This won't change with the next generation of the C4 Picasso that will continue to offer buyers a choice of two different body styles.

We've already scooped the five-seater model and now our spies have captured the first photos of the larger and more spacious C4 Grand Picasso while undergoing hot weather testing in Europe.

While it was speculated that the new C4 Grand Picasso might feature sliding rear doors to improve access to the back seats, these images show that the dizzyingly camouflaged prototype gets a conventional pair of rear doors.

The exterior styling of the seven-seater model will follow the lines of the regular Picasso though it will feature a completely different (and longer) rear end with a more upright tailgate design.

The two models will share a common lineup of gasoline and diesel engines and possibly PSA's new diesel-electric Hybrid4 powerplant used on the Citroën DS5 and Peugeot 508 / 3008 models.

The new C4 Picasso MPVs are slated for production next year.