2013 Jaguar F-Type Disclosed in New Photos Including the First of the Interior


While Jaguar itself was releasing videos of the new F-Type in camouflage, a member of the Teamspeed forums unloaded a fresh gallery of 14 pictures that show us the open-top sports car from in two different shades from all sorts of angles, including the never before seen interior.

We can happily report that the styling of the roadster model's rear end with its sharp lines, narrow taillights and a protruding pair of twin exhaust pipes has also remained true to the well-received C-X16 Coupe Concept model.

The same appears to be case for the interior, at least from this point of view with only some minor changes to the design of the body-hugging seats and possibly the trim d├ęcor.

The F-Type is scheduled to make its first public outing at this week's Paris Motor Show on Thursday and go on sale next year with a choice of two supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engines and an "R" model powered by a supercharged 5.0-liter V8.

Thanks to Mario R. for the heads up!

Photos via Teamspeed




Zeddy said... »September 24, 2012

That back end is a real thing of beauty. Nice and sharp at the trunk lid, smart detailing on the lights and a lovely set of exhausts.


kachuks said... »September 24, 2012

I see and "oh s**t" bar. 

Pritpanch28 said... »September 24, 2012

looks good, like the lines. good competition for  SLK 55 AMG

Lucas said... »September 24, 2012

wow! i want one

Guest said... »September 24, 2012

Just facelifted XK,  minor model update, NOT a NEW model!

Rbgragg68 said... »September 24, 2012

Jaguar put the F (type) in Freakin Sweet with this one! Ready for the coupe version.

Kaveh Ghavim said... »September 24, 2012

That looks good

Catalin said... »September 24, 2012

Somehow it looks very cohesive and well designed, although nothing is particularly brilliant. Well done !

plattform said... »September 24, 2012

Looks like I came pretty close when I rendered it a few months ago.

You Wear It Well said... »September 24, 2012

This styling hides it size quite well. Love that Jaguar is making inroads in the industry with its styling.

MArk said... »September 24, 2012

DAT ASS :D !!!

Andrew Popoola said... »September 25, 2012

I suppose I stand alone.  It does nothing for me.  The quad exhaust is ugly, the center mounted one better. The E-type esque rear does not work well on a short body like this...too stubby.  Front end looks good, but so far, nothing Jaguar has put out recently makes me feel for the XK-RS.  The Boxster looks better, the the Z4 ditto; that leaves Mercedes, which is the only car in this class I would refuse over this F type.  Nice to see a true manual though.  It would be nice if that migrated into the XF.

Emailspraca said... »September 25, 2012

looks like jag stole the evokes tail lights.

Akbar MMN said... »September 25, 2012

The central aircond outlet does not visible in the enlarged cabin view above. Is is pop-up type?

Firejoe said... »September 25, 2012

the new Honda S2000...thank you Honda

dubfun said... »September 25, 2012

Sexy!! I could definitely see 007 chasing a femme fatale down some mountain road in the Italian Riviera with this beauty.

Frazgom said... »September 25, 2012

and the evoques (dynamic trim) hugging seats as well...

keyvon said... »September 26, 2012

Just checked the Jaguar site I really think they may have priced this car way to high.... its start at $70,000 its about 10,000 more than a boxster 7000 more than a cayman for the base version and the top model starts at $92,000 good luck

Vasilescu Petru-Ionut said... »October 19, 2012

Pop-up air vents...that's new!

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