All-New 2013 Volkswagen Golf Mk7: This is Really It, First Official Photos


It's been a long and frustrating journey for those of us following the developments on the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf these past few months, but finally, we have the first official images of the new compact hatchback that was revealed today in Berlin ahead of its public debut at next month's Paris Motor Show.

As anticipated, the exterior styling of the Mk7 is an evolution of the familiar Golf shape with the characteristic thick C-Pillars that has been around for decades with some new touches such as the small corner window on the front doors and the sharp line of the rear doors.

The new Golf also gets newly designed headlamps and tail lights that will incorporate LED fixtures (at least on some versions).

The interior styling of the car will also look familiar to owners of the current, sixth generation of the Golf, with the only really notable change being the center console that is angled towards the driver, much like what we see on BMW models.

What really separates the Mk7 from its predecessor is what you can’t see and in particular, the new MQB platform shared with other models in the VW Group such as the new 2013 Audi A3 and Seat Leon.

While larger in dimensions and more spacious that the outgoing Golf, the new model is up to 100kg / 220 lbs lighter. VW recently told us that the 2013 Golf will be available with several new engines including the EA211 turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder direct injection petrol unit with cylinder deactivation that produces 138hp (140PS).

More details are to be released soon, so stay tuned on CarScoop for more.

Photo Credits: VW via Autowp




wys said... »September 04, 2012

Not what I expected...

Ssss said... »September 04, 2012

bosla, bosla...

Alex said... »September 04, 2012

It gets uglier once again

Bcc said... »September 04, 2012

WHAT IS THIS? I didn't expect revolution but what I can see here, it is a giant step backward. Bland front end which looks like old Polo/Jetta... boring back end and the side straight from Golf IV... WTF??

Razza Joobla said... »September 04, 2012

As a mk5 and 335d m sport coupe owner was looking forward to upgrade my mk5 ! The interior console looks good quality but the dials haven't changed nor has the overall shape to what I own now ! Looks like I'll have to sell my mk5 and stick with the 335d for a while before I loose any further value on it !

Holz Fuchs said... »September 04, 2012

Who the fuck buys this?!

Hugh Jorgan said... »September 04, 2012

Please explain.

KurtB said... »September 04, 2012

Looks like a more streamlined Mk VI. Not bad, but overall all I still prefer the Mk VI. I am more interested in the performance aspect of the GTI.

Toronado_II said... »September 04, 2012

Strange headlight feeling... The car doesn't look agressive, most sleepy !
But I like the more refined inside.

Paul Seller said... »September 04, 2012

Love it!Such a subtle evolution of a timeless design..into another timeless design.
Mix between Mk4,Mk5 and Mk6.Great job VW!

jarooo4 said... »September 04, 2012

It is soooooo ugly...
The proportions are very bad I think. The car looks like crap.

Marina Alin Constantin said... »September 04, 2012

It looks very good, not dramatically changed, but a normal evolution returning a little bit back to some MK4 lines... But what I am expecting are the details about the mecanics... I think that under the hood we'll see the real REVOLUTION!!!!! 

I has sad said... »September 04, 2012

Some angles it looks sad, others to big and others just fine. Not very exciting, but that's normal in VW (germans in general). Except for the cute charm of the Mk I I'm not a big fan of the Golf, so whatever:)

ciupi said... »September 04, 2012

nice car , i love it :)

Anonymous said... »September 04, 2012

People relax its much better looking then ugly newest nissan sentra honda civic or fugly corrolla ... ! Golf always had evolutionary design but i beleive this the best car in its class its a fact !!!

Wojciech Kosciesza said... »September 04, 2012


Pet308 said... »September 04, 2012

It looks that they made a facelift not a redesigned model . Also i think their transpiration in front was from a hamster. 

Nishuko said... »September 04, 2012

Now Audi A3 looks like a real winner in all MQB serie. 

Anonymous said... »September 04, 2012

as a mk5 owner its not as expected. peeps have been waiting on fire for the 7th generation here it is with an exciting touch but not a real vw progress change however still a great car it is. thumbs up for the best hatchback GOLF!

Carl Warmington said... »September 04, 2012

No surprises as usual from VW

Bingo said... »September 04, 2012

Wow, what a great interior.  The exterior looks agressive and refine.  Light years ahead of any japan or korea brands.

Sparkopolo said... »September 04, 2012

I agree. This is a fine evolution of the Golf DNA, with nice crisp surfacing and detailing. It may be conservative, as German marques generally are, but like you mentioned, this makes it timeless. Compared to more fashionable models like the Opel/Vauxhall Astra, Renault Megane or Hyundai i30 with their fussy proportions, surfacing and detailing, the Golf will look contemporary in 5 or 10 years time, while they will look outdated. I'm looking forward to seeing the GTI.

Bcc said... »September 04, 2012

Compared to japan cars even the Golf V looks modern and aggressive...

S├ębastien said... »September 04, 2012

Great... but GPS screen is still too low, and the gearstick could be smaller. (having a hidden place on top to hide small belongings would have been nice too)

Jason Hall said... »September 04, 2012

Don't like it, but don't like VWs in general. Outside dull, too conservative, inside nice, but stick-on slivers of faux chrome are a bit bling. Agree that the nice stuff is underneath the skin BUT unless VW have improved their quality, it'll still be a car for the terminally unimaginative consumer who doesn't know any better.

Il commentatore said... »September 04, 2012

The most conservative iteration step so far. 

John Holman said... »September 04, 2012

I think the big upgrade is the platform and weight reduction.

Andreas Themistokleous said... »September 04, 2012

Actually the Seat Leon is the real head turner!

Anonymous said... »September 04, 2012

As a MK4 owner this will definitely be an upgrade for me. My current Golf has been a fabulous car and has made me brand loyal to VW. I hope we (in America) get good engine choices. The MK5/6 and their 2.5 5 cylinder base engines are ok but not great in performance in any direction. Low MPG while not delivering fast performance.

Bruno Miguel Rodrigues said... »September 04, 2012

Ugly. but the interior is a little better.

Unlusoycan said... »September 04, 2012

another disappointment... again!

Damian Pillay said... »September 04, 2012

I love it , can not wait for the GTI , they stayed true to the VW Golf DNA , at the end of the day a VW is VW all the others want to be like them and try hard to beat them but never will achieve the class they have in their cars ! 

Marcuspetraska said... »September 04, 2012

very large wheels on the car in the pics - kind of just welded a polo front on and changed the tail-lights - maybe they employed porsche designers...

perhaps the next update might be the one to buy - let them work out all the gremlins for the new mqb - and hope for slighter better styling next time around? 

Pureworx said... »September 04, 2012


Mez4junk said... »September 04, 2012


JJ said... »September 04, 2012

lol I love reading the reactions to a brand new design.

Brainless idiots look at it for 5 seconds and have a meltdown.

JJ said... »September 04, 2012

The design is a facelift, just like nearly every new model of Golf.

Nearly everything else has changed.

Sigh, stupid.

TangoUrilla said... »September 04, 2012

All new golf? Maybe the first one was.

Boring doesn't begin to cover it.

andy said... »September 04, 2012

 Its a VW Golf. It will sell in the millions because of its history,heritage.
 I honestly dont think they've changed the shape enough
 One thing I am pleased about is the lack of over enlarged headlights smeared all over the bonnet

vesseli said... »September 04, 2012

facelift again

mini22 said... »September 04, 2012

More crisp in the lines but essentially the same inside and out. At least it's lighter.

aaronbbrown said... »September 04, 2012

 I recently rode in a new Jetta, and couldn't believe how cramped the passenger compartment feels. The front passenger and driver's arms are hitting each other.  The 90s era Jetta had a much less cramped passenger compartment, why would they make them smaller?

Alex said... »September 04, 2012

C'mon VW, a design can evolve only so far before it gets stale - and the MK7 is proof of that

Ben said... »September 04, 2012

im sorry but the overall shape and the interior looks exactly the same as the Mk6

Bojan said... »September 05, 2012

Unfortunately, too many people.
Bland and boring looking mass produced vehicle for bland and boring human population.

Ssss said... »September 05, 2012

Don't you speak satrovacki?

BazZtarD said... »September 06, 2012


Carla Babcock said... »September 06, 2012

Buy a Focus ST.....

Gjp431 said... »September 07, 2012

They missed the Mark on the front end. leans toward Japanese styling, way too conservative for my taste. The hood line is too thin in relation to the height of the hood line. 

Satro said... »September 14, 2012

 weak, weak

Riyo River said... »September 16, 2012

It is ugly

RagingRanter said... »September 22, 2012

I hope the inline 5 cylinder engine survives in the north american model. That is a good engine. It seems all the new smaller cars force you to choose between a really weak but fuel efficient base engine and paying up for more power. The inline five was standard for the 2012 golf, setting it apart from its more gutless competetors.

FedUpVWowner said... »September 29, 2012

BORING! Driving my current MkVI there is no excitement. I'd love to have a car with an interesting, unique interior, but it;s the same old functional rubbish. Honestly don't care about 0-60 times (most cars with about 140bhp is enough), and if you want to race go to a go-kart track. I hope the new Nissan hatchback coming out next year is good. Or could get an Auris 2.2 D4D (177bhp). Fed up of the extortionate VW servicing charges as well.....

kenny210411 said... »February 05, 2013

I own a VW and will never buy one AGAIN !!! Everytime your take it in for service make sure your wallet is full of $100s. My tdi went in for a check engine light problem they told me it was EGR valve $800 for the part and $500 to fit it, I was told they needed the car all day to fit the Valve and had to pull the motor to pieces. I fitted it my sell in 90mins and the valve cost $345. Dont ask them for a copy of the fuse box layout as the one in my OWNERS manual is incorrect, they WONT give you one they say its against Company policy. We only have 1 VW dealer in Adelaide and there a waste of space and VW Aust No help either I was told to log into there erwin site to get the specs and there NOT free theirs a price to pay. WELL done VW I will never step foot inside one of youre dearlers AGAIN..

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