Bet You Didn't See this Honda Civic Rollover Accident Coming

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Minor fender-benders happen all the time on busy city roads, and in most cases, it's more of an insurance hassle than anything else.

We don't know why the driver of the grey-colored, older generation Honda Civic depicted in this dashcam footage wasn't paying attention to the road, but whatever the reason, he slightly steered off his lane and touched the corner of the Chevrolet Cruze's rear bumper that was in front of him at a relatively low speed.

Under any other circumstances, such a light accident would have probably only left some scars on the bumpers of the two cars involved, but somehow, the contact on the Cruze sedan sent the Civic up in the air on its two wheels before it flipped over on its roof!

Seeing is believing so head over the break to watch the video.