Breaking: Honda Confirms New Civic Type R, Jazz / Fit Based Small SUV and Sports Roadster

There's a whole lot of news - but unfortunately, no pictures, coming out today from Honda's headquarters in Japan where the company's CEO Takanobu Ito outlined the product, technology and business developments through 2015.

We are going to start with the new Honda Civic Type R sports hatchback based on the European market model that is currently undergoing development for an introduction in 2015.

Honda said that this model is designed specifically for the European market, though we could see it being exported to Japan at some point. More importantly, the Japanese carmaker's CEO stated that the Type R is being developed "with the goal of becoming the fastest front-wheel-drive vehicle on the Nürburgring race course".

On a more global note, Ito said that Honda will roll out an all-new replacement for the Fit, also known as the Jazz in Europe, in 2013. Within two years after the initial market presentation, the Japanese automaker will launch a small SUV model based on the underpinnings of the new Fit/Jazz as well as a replacement for the related City small sedan.

In North America, Honda will begin producing the Fit and a derivative model (most likely the aforementioned small SUV) at its new plant in Mexico that will become operational in spring 2014. Ito also confirmed that the production version of the all-new Acura RLX sedan will debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, November 28, 2012, and that Japan will get the same model in the form of the next Honda Legend.

Honda's CEO continued with the announcement on a new sports car: "In addition to the NSX, the next-generation super sports model, Honda will launch a new open-top sports car with strong vehicles dynamics which will go on sale in Japan 2014," said Ito.

While he did not disclose any other details, we have heard that the rear-wheel drive EV-STER pictured above may inspire the open-top model mentioned in his speech.

For Japan, Honda's CEO said that the automaker will introduce six new mini-vehicle models by the end of 2015, starting with the retro-flavored “N-ONE” in November 2012, the third model in the N series.

Continuing with the new model introductions, Ito promised the launch of an all-new fuel cell electric model in the U.S., Japan and Europe starting in 2015.

He also confirmed the development of the brand's lightweight and compact one-motor hybrid system with the aim of "achieving No1 fuel economy among all hybrid vehicles" and a new more powerful two-motor hybrid system for mid-size vehicles.




Achcouch Ziko said... »September 20, 2012

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Pureworx said... »September 21, 2012

cant wait for more info on the civic type r... I see no mention of the euro accord being replace by the us one, looks like it might just be an a Russian market model.

Rainy Moona said... »September 21, 2012

Hey Great news!!!!!!
Thanks for writing this blog. I have a passion of buying cars & i am a big fan of Honda. Currently I have 4 used cars & 5 new Honda cars which i bought from & I am very satisfied with their performance.

Artemp said... »September 21, 2012


Mak Demon said... »September 21, 2012


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Seph said... »September 21, 2012

"We are going to start with the new Honda Civic Type R sports hatchback based on the European market model that is currently undergoing development for an introduction in 2015."

2015?? The current model will be 4 years old by then and coming to the end of its lifecycle. You might as well not bother, Honda. And this coming from a current Civic Type-R owner. My 2008 model will be 7 years old by then. I can't wait that long to replace it.

Rick said... »September 21, 2012

Looks like Honda is coming alive after several years of being reined in. I find it exciting and unlike the poster below, I have little trouble waiting. Would be nice to see the likes of the old Honda rip through the market coming up. Go Honda!

Sophia Yogev said... »September 28, 2012

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Petehurford said... »October 05, 2012

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