Chinese Man Builds Himself a $9,500 Lamborghini Reventon Out of Old Car Parts and Iron


Most Lamborghini supercars in a drivable condition are out of reach for most people, even more so if we are talking about one of the most expensive models to come out from Sant'agata, the $2 million Reventon.

Being the son of a humble farmer from a rural area of China's eastern Jiangsu province, doesn’t help either, but when a man has a dream, nothing can stop him, which is the case for Wang Jian.

The 28-year old mechanic built himself a replica of a Lamborghini Reventon using whatever parts and materials he could get his hands on.

Jian began building his dream car last May by piecing together a second hand Nissan van and a Volkswagen Santana, the Daily Mail reported. The Reventon's body was built using scrap metal shaped to resemble the Lamborghini and even includes scissor-style doors.

"I've always loved sports cars since I was a child," Jian told the Telegraph. "After growing up, I thought of making my own, when I had the circumstances in life and the knowledge. In order to realise this dream, I struggled to learn about this. When I had the right circumstances and the time, I assembled it myself and realised my dream," he added.

The resourceful Chinese mechanic says he has spent around 60,000 yuan (equal to around €7,500, US$9,500 and £6,000 at today's exchange rates) up until now, but he has not yet completed the build as it lacks headlights, windows and an interior among other parts.

Granted, Jian's creation only resembles the shape of the Reventon, but you have to applaud him for the effort given his situation and especially the financial limitations.

You can watch Jian's "poor man's Lamborghini" in the video after the break, while you may also want to check out these Reventon replicas as well (Link 1 and Link2).



Garrett Spicer said... »September 01, 2012

China is the only place to do it. 
They think copyright means the right to copy.

Aquaking said... »September 01, 2012

lot of america do the replica on ebay also the same.

pcurve said... »September 01, 2012

bless this dude.

Earl said... »September 02, 2012

That $9500 could have been better spent.

Csiu73 said... »September 02, 2012

Your dreams have to start somewhere, good on him for living his dream.

Spice Girls said... »September 02, 2012

Garrett Spicer = PWNED!

tkindred said... »September 02, 2012

I think it was a good investment. Especially if he learned a lot out of it and enjoyed it. You have to start somewhere. It took a lot of thought and effort for this guy to do this. It is hard to follow through and finish with a car project.  I also bet this gets him some exposure. 

Kaveh Ghavim said... »September 02, 2012

No glass, no lightson the outside of the car, and you can see the wheels from the cabin.  How is this car a story?

galust said... »September 03, 2012

Jdeloreano said... »September 03, 2012

man, some people just don't understand sarcasm

Jdeloreano said... »September 03, 2012

in a country of nobody gives a shit, why build a car for attention.

Rusu said... »September 03, 2012


DavidRuck said... »September 23, 2012

Good for him. It's not a bad attempt though given the circumstances and the budget...

Satz311 said... »September 25, 2012

Are you kidding me??????? What a piece of crap. I don't care where he is
from or what he does for a living. I am going to Home Depot tonight and
buy some tubing and sheet metal. By this time next week I should have
my own Bugatti Veyron. What a stupid story.... I wouldn't give him $100 for that thing...

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