Jeep Driver Uses Sidewalk to Bypass School Bus Only to Find a Cop on the Other Side…


We guess you could say justice was served in the case of 32-year-old Shena Hardin, of Cleveland, who reportedly had the bad habit of using the sidewalk whenever she saw a school bus to avoid waiting for the children to exit or enter the vehicle.

After seeing the same thing happening over and over again, a Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) bus driver decided to take matters in his own hands by calling the police to capture the woman red handed.

Sure enough, Hardin appeared with her silver-colored Jeep Compass and jumped on the sidewalk to go around the bus. Only this time, a patrol car was waiting for her just around the corner…

Toni Hardin, the mother of the driver, who was in the passenger seat of the crossover, told Channel 5 News that her daughter was in a rush and it was the first time that she had attempted the move.

"The bus, for some reason, takes an inordinate amount of time talking to the parent or whatever everyday, but he takes forever," Hardin said. "While he's doing all that we're waiting trying to get through. Now this morning, she was late she was trying to get her daughter to school, the reason for going around and going to the side was to give that bus plenty of room."

However, the mother of a handicapped child the bus had stopped to pick up says this is not the first time Hardin had used the sidewalk.

"No she did it all last school year. I was over there February of last year she did it ever since then," said Lucy Kelley who added that nothing had been done about it then. "No, the bus driver didn't do it last year, but I had a new bus driver this year."

The driver of the Jeep was cited for not stopping for the school bus.

The bus driver captured a video of the woman bypassing the vehicle and being nabbed by the cops. You can watch the clip for yourself right after the break.

Merci Caroline F. for the video tip!



Andy King said... »September 13, 2012

I hope nail her but good..

BrucieBruce said... »September 13, 2012

Bravo !!!  Excellent.  This may be justice.  I am surprise that there are not additional charges, since driving on the sidewalk is far more dangerous than simply not stopping for a bus.

Princes Marry said... »September 14, 2012

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London Taxis said... »September 14, 2012

And they say women can drive. She must obey and follow the rules as it is the law and letting her drive would make accidents.

Luka Crnković said... »September 14, 2012

wow how stupid are americans !

Ugo Jadrijevic said... »September 14, 2012

Instant karma!

Dave said... »September 14, 2012

Why do you have to stop for a bus that's on the other side of the street? Is this an American thing?

Frederick A said... »September 14, 2012

I enjoy the commentary toward the end: "Alright, she has been caught! Justice has been served!" If America's Most Wanted ever needs a new narrator, he's the guy!

Chad said... »September 14, 2012

Failure to stop for a schoolbus was all she got?  What about driving on a sidewalk? Isn't that reckless endangerment?  This woman should be riding a bus.  She has no regard for others lives.  Bitch!

Psiqtas said... »September 14, 2012

This is very Polish/Russian, for real! Doesn't come her roots from "Wild East"?

Transpower said... »September 14, 2012

He was just trying to show off the off-road capability of the Jeep....

Gmworks38 said... »September 14, 2012

 How rude you are... Proud to be American.....

Polyester Poontang said... »September 14, 2012

Wonder why the USA helped Croatia.

Polyester Poontang said... »September 14, 2012

Kids live on both sides of the street.

Felix Le Forestier said... »September 14, 2012

So ? If they are no kids at the moment why cant she pass ?

Polyester Poontang said... »September 14, 2012

Kids dart out between cars and sometimes do stupid's a safety issue and it's the law. Can't believe I am explainig this, are you a member of the foreign leagion and do you live in the Sahara desert.

Jzimmy3 said... »September 14, 2012

School buses have stop signs on them as well as yellow and red lights.  When the sign is out and lights are flashing, a driver is required to stop and wait until those lights are out and stop sign is retracted.  Unless you are on a divided highway that has more than four lanes of traffic, the drivers on the opposite side are also required to stop.  It's not left up to the driver (not the bus driver) to use sidewalks to pass or decide on their own if it's ok to go. 

europeon said... »September 14, 2012

I wouldn't call what USA is doing "help"...

Chris Eskin said... »September 14, 2012

She should get a ticket for driving a Compass.

Jerry Godsey said... »September 14, 2012

It's a heck of a lot better than they were doing on their own...

ralphr said... »September 14, 2012

Excellent job. This is what happens when the community gets involved. Her disregard for the law and reckless endangerment are unacceptable. I hope her license are suspended and that she is required to do community service. 

donald seymour said... »September 14, 2012

You know what "europeon" I am sick and tire of you but-holes trying to dog my beautiful country. Yeah, we got some major flaws, but hey at we have people with the mind set of change. Unlike your one rule dictatorship. No, say so and no input. We have people who change America for the better. You have people who just left your country to start a new one, because they are tired of that same-ole bull extreme classism. We made the automobile available to the whole public in which now your limp country can have top gear. God bless American. American is what I am! 

europeon said... »September 14, 2012

 And you're saying this because you were born and live in that part of the world? Yeah, that's what I thought...

europeon said... »September 14, 2012

 Better learn how to say that in chinese.

Hugh Jorgan said... »September 14, 2012

New you would continue to be an asshole.

europeon said... »September 14, 2012

 Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry for that, but that dude got issues.

Spamism said... »September 14, 2012

There is no such thing as 'god', and by extention, the act of 'blessing America' is meaningless.

Polyester Poontang said... »September 15, 2012

Thanks for not correcting my spelling.

DavidRuck said... »September 17, 2012

It is mandated by law that when a school bus is stopped with it's red lights on and the stop sign extended, all traffic MUST stop before the bus. Drivers may continue when the sign is retracted and the lights are off.

Farmer0904 said... »September 17, 2012

LOL I love it. I hope she gets a fine of more then 500 dollars. I drive a school bus and the fine can be any where from 500 to 1000.00 dollars. I hope she got the 1000.00 dollar fine. I guess as far as this dumb butt saying the bus took too long, duh it is a handcapped bus with wheelchairs , it is going to take a bit longer to load, lock in the wheelchair. She knew this bus was on this road at the same time. she should had took anther way to her kids school, I bet she would be the first to sue anther driver if they ran her kids school bus in the future and hit the kid. I hope the judge takes her right to drive away.

Dave said... »September 18, 2012

 I don't live in America you fucking retard. Over here we have sensible rules allowing drivers to judge for themselves whether or not we can continue driving past a vehicle which is on the other side of the street. We're not all fucking brainless morons like this prize nugget.

Hugh Jorgan said... »September 18, 2012

Did someone shit in your playpen?

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David John said... »October 25, 2012

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